Thursday, 21 March 2019

Go on girl & Culprit Vlog.

Pose : Go&See * Divine * 6

Background & Props : FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Dance Hall 
Culprit Sonata Baby Grand Piano BENTO @ The Boardwalk Event
[DDD] Twinkling Ivy 

I've had a preeetty busy day today, and although I'm achy and sore, I'm incredibly grateful to just be here to share silly little SecondLife things with you.
I've been working on a vlog, at this moment in time, my editing program is behaving like a complete butthole and I'm struggling immensely!
I'm thoroughly enjoying the whole vlog thing, as it's definitely pushing my levels of personal comfort and feeling a bit like a derp when I talk... and although my editing is basic at best, I'm enjoying learning more each time I try.

- Update... for whatever reason, my video editing program was completely ridiculous. After 6 hours attempting to be patient with the lag it was experiencing yesterday, and going to bed annoyed (i like to keep to my self-made deadlines) I decided to attempt a brand new program. Currently, it's worked out pretty well as I've completed the vlog! \o/ Please excuse the animal noises in the background, I shoulda moved from the ground to a platform - and my ground is LITERALLY a farm! 

The Revoul skin shown today is available in 5 tones, my favourite (shown in the main pictures and vlog) is the RE25 tone! ♥

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head : GENUS Project (Original)
Skin : Lefort by Revoul Miami CatwaGenusOmega @ The Skin Fair
Ears : L'Etre - Ringed mesh ears
Hairbase :  Stealthic - Male Hairbase
Hair : KUNI / Alex Equal10
Dress : .miss chelsea.  X Oakley Foxtrot - Royale with Cheese Dress V2 Kustom9
Nails : Ascendant - Pretentious Nails 
Shoes : [BREATHE]-Kikumi Heels (Formerly @ Kinky Event)

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

One in a million.

Pose : FOXCITY. Play Ball-6m (Fatpack Exclusive)

Props : *alirium* DownyGrass [Green]
*alirium* PuffyGrass [Green]
Apple Fall Oxeye Daisy Patch

This picture got me thinking about making daisy chains as a child. I'm kinda old (shh.) so it wasn't unusual to find me in my back garden, sitting cross legged threading daisies from the grass through one another to make long flowery jewelry to adorn my head, neck and wrist, and occasionally my ankle.
That lead me to wonder how to correlate daisies to people... and as I was doing my washing up (ew!) it hit me. When I made the chains in my back garden, some of the daisies would droop while others would thrive. After a few days, I'd replace the droopy, limp flowers with fresh new ones, slotting them in to my creation without even thinking about it. Some times, I would make holes in the stems of the flower using my thumb nail and others, the daisy would be tied tight with a knot.
That is how they relate to people. Our relationships are bound by the slightest thread... the stem of our daisy. Some relationships get tied tightly with the strength of a knot, and other times, we open ourselves up to fit the needs of another. At times, our relationships wilt and we replace old friends with newer, fresher friends that fit our growth pattern.
I guess the only thing that is important in this is reminding ourselves what we want our garden to look like. Which flowers we want to pair with ours that bring the fragrance out as a beautiful medley and enhance our beauty by bringing their own special needs in to our soil. It's also important to weed regularly, because heaven knows how easy it is for someone to suck the nutrients from your roots...

Happy Tuesday, Spoonies.

The revoul skin show comes in 5 tones. My favourite being RE20, shown in my main pictures.

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head : GENUS Project (Original)
Skin : Lefort by RevoulChontei CatwaGenusOmega @ The Skin Fair
Eyes : {S0NG} :: Ange Eyes 
Ears : L'Etre - Ringed mesh ears
Hair : Stealthic - Dawn @ Kustom9
Hairpiece : Astralia - Daisy spring wreath 
Shirt & Bag : EVIE - Fanny Spring Equal10
Shorts : evani. - Tessa Kustom9

Monday, 18 March 2019

Less important.

Pose : FOXCITY. Stairs (Sitting)-4m

Background & Props : FOXCITY. Photo Booth - A Fool's Paradise
{what next} Wall Hanging Plant #1
{what next} Oasis Bloom - Prickly Pear Cactus Planter
{what next} Oasis Bloom - Tall Cactus Planter   
dust bunny . quirky planters . llama
{what next} Oasis Bloom - Succulent Planter
dust bunny . quirky planters . cactus
dust bunny . quirky planters . snail 
dust bunny . quirky planters . hedgehog   

I had a conversation with someone recently that made me think again about who I want to be and where I want to go, and although I feel like without a doubt there have been some positive changes, I do feel like I need to address something that has niggled me for the longest time.
Life isn't fair.
I get that certain people are capable of "playing the game", and therefore they'll be the ones who seemingly succeed, which kinda makes their lives enviable to some... but I can't ever be that person again, if I ever was. The only way I have ever been able to achieve anything is to work my ass off, and as my friend mentioned to me in our conversation, I've worn many hats, especially within SL and whenever I felt like I was heading in a direction that didn't suit me, I think I may have intentionally shot myself in the butt to prevent it from happening. Still, in terms of blogging and photography, no matter how hard I try, how much I think I have improved, my not playing the game hurts me in terms of exposure.
Now, this may seem like I'm sitting here whining that I'm incredibly unpopular, but I'm not. I'm just using this platform as an example of what is changing for me, and how I'm viewing things... and in terms of blogging and many, many other things in my life that I'm not 'there' yet with, I fucking LOVE doing it. Because I love doing this, I will continue to do this. I will not circle jerk and I will stay the eff away from drama surrounding any activity I enjoy. I'm more than happy to work at my own pace now and although that jealousy monster might occasionally rear it's ugly head, it's power is fading daily, and I feel as though each "Congratulations" I pass on to someone else is more genuine than the last.
If others decide to play games, I'll no doubt see it, but it's not my life... it's theirs, and they have every right to live the way they see fit. 
If you love what I do, that's a bonus... but I want to hold my head high and walk with integrity.
So, yeah, life isn't fair, but it does give us a chance to show our worth and I'm finally figuring out what mine is. I'm priceless. And so are you.

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : GENUS Project (Original)
Skin : . MILA . Neave Skin [Honey] GENUS 
Eyes : -SU!- Medora Eyes /Glitch Wasted (Gacha)
Eyeliner : Veechi - Basic Glossy Liner
Ears : L'Etre - Crystal mesh ears 
Hair :  -Fabia- Mesh Hair   < Andy> @ Rewind (opens 20th March)
Tattoo : DAPPA - Rachel Tattoo. @ Equal10
Shirt : #SHOOK - Thotiana Top @ Level Event
Shorts : BUENO-Spring Shorts @ Kustom9
Sneakers : Native - Another 1 Sneakers 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Tell me something.

Things : Culprit Sonata Baby Grand Piano BENTO @ The Boardwalk Event
{moss&mink} Paper Flowers Pk1 Belle Event
{moss&mink} Fuschia Wall Planter (Black) Fameshed
*alirium* PuffyGrass [Green]
*alirium* ItchyGrass [DarkGreen]
[DDD] Twinkling Flower Bush - Corner
:Fanatik Architecture: Rocks & Cliffs DOVER
HPMD* Garden Tree04 - flower two colors
{anc} flower wind / circleB / white 
{anc} suger rose field [yellow]

Saturday, 16 March 2019

An ocean full of change.

Pose : <EMOZIONE> Couple Pose **On The Track ~2~**!

Seat & things : {moss&mink} Molly Hallway Seat @ Fameshed
{moss&mink} Paper Flowers Pk1 - Set1 @ Belle Event (I have more plans for these, so stay tuned.. I really didn't do them justice!)
{what next} Floor Jar Lantern

I roped in Potato for this post, and uh, kinda forced him into making over his avatar completely (not quite completely, but I did make him buy the new Lelutka "Guy" head). Seeing as how his internet hasn't improved over the past 18 months, it's impossible for me to find out exactly what he's wearing, but I -think- his hair is Stealthic, and his shirt is from Ascend... but I'm not certain, hence my hesitance in linking all the things.
Still, we look pretty, and clearly I'd much rather stare at him than the beautiful sunset behind us, so that's awesome, right?

I got super frustrated with this post, and for a moment I reverted into ungrateful, annoyed and super negative Pickle of last year. Not good, not fresh, not something I want to revisit, ever. 
Luckily, Potato is incredibly understanding and fully supported me having a near-hissy-fit, calmed me down and told me to go the fuck to sleep (not quite like that, but he probably could have gotten away with it... maybe?), but yeah. Here we are 3 days later with an actual picture to show for his patience! I love that man.

Anywho, I know you're not here for my rambles, so have some information.
Happy weekend, Spoonies!

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-PIPER 3.3
Skin : [Glam Affair] Maewe Applier 
Ears : ^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ear
Hairpiece : {moss&mink} Paper Flowers Pk1 @ Belle Event (These aren't supposed to go on your head, but they look cute. Love me pls.)
Horns : Lovely Disarray - Sketched Hellion Horns
Hair : [monso] My Hair - Yurin
Necklace : (Yummy) Bang Bang Choker @ Uber
Outfit : .miss chelsea. Tuva Set @ Equal 10
Nails : Ascendant - Pretentious Nails 
Rings :  (Yummy) Comfy Cozy Ring Set
Shoes : [BREATHE]-Satoyo Heels Fameshed

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Different DNA.

Pose : FOXCITY. Formal VOL1-2m (Big gown)

When Muggleborn popped out these antenna I got super excited, and immediately started contemplating how I could get to be a Picklefied Alien. I'm not sure I entirely pulled it off, but I did have a good time trying! It also meant that I could grab a Lumae skin, which I have been entirely neglecting (sorry!), because the textures to match the majority of the Lumae collection are included with the antenna. Also included are the textures you need to tint and match whatever skin you're wearing yourself so yay!

This week has been a bit weird for me. I feel a bit like I'm stuck in limbo again, barely moving forward. The only good part of that is that things are steady... and maybe I'm just unused to that.
I've still been watching a bunch of mental health stuff on Youtube, but for entertainment I have been revisiting Gossip Girl on Netflix... why? Because of Chuck Bass and my oddly inappropriate girl-crush on the bad-boy that might turn good. Still, when Potato's away, I need a lil eye candy (don't hate me babe!)

Here's hoping your days are filled with happy smiles, and any rainclouds that appear for you swiftly depart.

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Skin : ! Lumae Fantasy : All Heads - Ethesi (for more options, check my previous post >Here<)
Head : CATWA Lona
Ears : BentBox Sylvan Ears 
Eyes : LOTUS. Reflection Eyes @ Equal 10 (Fantasy version)
Hair : Entwined Blythe  @ Equal 10
Antenna : +MB+ Antenna
Bra top : PLX. "Peyton " Bra @ Equal 10
Tattoo : DAPPA - Calla Tattoo. @ Harajuku Event
Panties : Blueberry - Tinker Panties

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Sierra & Catwa Layering Vlog.

I may have gotten a little confused with this picture, as I've used me, three times, greenscreened to get this result. For that reason, I don't have any pose credits, so sorry!

There is a bunch of information in this blog, along with a vlog on how to use the Catwa layering options available in all heads, so I'm gonna drop the fact that I'm wearing the Revoul Sierra skin in this picture on three different head brands in different tones, and hop right into all those beautiful credits.

Left Pickle things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : GENUS Project (Original)

Skin : Lefort by Revoul.Sierra Genus tone RE25 @ The Skin Fair
Eyes : LOTUS. Flow Eyes 
Ears : .random.Matter. - Natural Elfie Ears
Hairbase : Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 14 for OMEGA
Hair : 8.Doe: Makina V1 - Neon (This is a gacha hair, and I'm not sure where it's located as it was a gifty. Ty Cutie!)
Bodysuit : .Enfant Terrible. May Bodysuit (Former BoundBox item)

Middle Pickle things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Scarlet 3.05

Skin : Lefort by Revoul.Sierra Omega tone RE40 @ The Skin Fair

Eyes :  Revoul. Revoulutionized Beauty Eyes 
Eyebrows : [okkbye] Eutropic Eyebrows (CATWA/OMEGA)
Hair : -Fabia- Mesh Hair   < Elizabeth> (Style option one) @ Shiny Shabby (Closes on the 15th!)
Bodysuit : .Enfant Terrible. May Bodysuit (Former BoundBox item)

Right Pickle things (& Vlog Credits): 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : CATWA Catya
Skin : Lefort by Revoul.Sierra Catwa tone RE15 @ The Skin Fair
Eyes : -SU!- Medora Eyes /Glitch Wasted/ (Gacha)
Eyeliner : -SU!- Essential Eyeliners /RARE/ (Gacha)
Eyebrows *only in vlog* :  [okkbye] Eutropic Eyebrows (CATWA/OMEGA)
Ears : L'Etre - Crystal mesh ears  
Face Tattoo : DAPPA - Brutal Face Tattoo. @ The Skin Fair
Hair :  -Fabia- Mesh Hair   < Elizabeth> (Style option two) @ Shiny Shabby (Closes on the 15th!)
Bodysuit : .Enfant Terrible. May Bodysuit (Former BoundBox item)