Friday, 16 November 2018

Did you forget?

Pose : FOXCITY. Highlights-3 (Fatpack exclusive)

Background items : 
Refuge - Selene Ottoman Cream/G 
[DDD] Twinkle Patches - Giant Patch
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 
Skye Studio Enchanted Forest
::Static:: Grandfather Clock - Walnut Enchantment

Today I'm showcasing some more items from Enchantment. It might seem a little bizarre to be a nudey-pants while depicting an event aimed at fairytales, but the Grimm fairytales were never aimed at children and were in fact converted over time to appeal to kids.
Anywho, the idea behind the picture is to try and show how I feel a lot of the time as an adult. The clock represents the ticking of time, as I become older, I'm reminded that our time here is short. I don't mean that in a morbid way at all, but rather that we often spend our time focusing on the wrong things, worrying about how others are living their lives and not concentrating on doing the best for us. It's supposed represent a bit of a dream-like state, the position Pickle is in (which is almost a fetal position) signifies the fact that often, I really don't feel like I'm adulting to a respectable level. Most days, it's actually hard to even drag myself out of bed, and so I tend to celebrate the fact I managed to do just that by patting myself on the back and neglecting other things I just know I -should- do. 
Of course, there's the undertones of storybooks and fairytales, most of which I will make grabby hands at to cling to because although my body is constantly in flux and the wrinkles are getting deeper, my mind is still fixed in my twenties or even below, with some minor adjustments and understandings I wish I'd had back then.
Once more, I'm not entirely sure this description makes any sense. I just know that there are times we need to just stop and attempt to make things work, our way. 
I think that's what we all try to do daily. Be kind to each other, please. There really isn't enough love showcased in the world, and if you can't see it - be it. ♥

All of the things : 

Body : Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body  
Head & Eyebrows : GENUS Project - Genus  Bento head  - Mocap (BETA!)
Skin : [okkbye] bunnie 
Hair : {Letituier} Valen Hair @ Enchantment
Tattoo : *Queen oF Ink - Real Story Tattoo @ Enchantment
Cyber arm : [omnis] BlackWidow

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Pose : FOXCITY. Steamy-1 (Fatpack exclusive)

Background things : [we're CLOSED] shed light

63' BAR Counter + Kanpai Red >Landmark<

Includes : LORIEN FGC LOBBY Coat Rack

[Copper Mill] Beer Batch Set
Includes : [Copper Mill] Beer Batch Set - End Table
[Copper Mill] Beer Batch Set - Beer Flight
[Copper Mill] Beer Batch Set - Keg
[Copper Mill] Beer Batch Set - Beer Case REZZ

.:revival:. beer crates

RA YA Drunk Girl 6

*alirium* PuffyGrass

Lookie lookie!  More beautiful items from FGC, the theme of this round is "Wild West, Cowboys and Native Americans, West world & Firefly inspired." You can find more information on the website >Here< 
Not gonna lie, I feel totally cute in this outfit!
I don't have any words of wisdom, or even any words today. I'm pretty exhausted, so have some credits and here's hoping my brain kicks in shortly and I'm back to writing so much stuff your eyes cross!

All of the things : 

Body : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head & Eyebrows : GENUS Project - Genus  Bento head  - Mocap (BETA!)
Skin : [okkbye] bunnie 
Hair : Exile - Break the Rules
Hat : From the E-Clipse -Wanted-Portola outfit
Necklace : Bliensen - Bolo Ties - Fantasy Gacha Carnival The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Outfit : FDD *Cowgirl* The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Shoes : [ hoorenbeek ] Biker Boots 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Big bad.

Pose & Basket : Fashiowl - Dangerous Path - 5 Enchantment

Background Wolfie (on an alt) : (HYBRIDERA) - The Lunar (This is legit SO OLD it's still prims! Not sure if it's been updated, but for the sake of this picture, it worked perfectly.)

Wolf's pose : Imitation - Miguel 2

Propstuffs : Skye Studio Enchanted Forest 
HPMD* Dirt Road
{anc} mist cloud 
[DDD] Swaying Leafy Bush 
Jian :: Fox's Fallen Tree (Former Freebie!)
Jian :: Bunny 
Jian Goat
HPMD* Little Birds

Enchantment is breathing life into meeee!
Obviously, Pickle is Little Red, running from the Big Bad Wolf hiding in the distance. Naturally, the other woodland creatures (including goats, because there has to be a woodland somewhere with them, ok?) are running like feck too! No one wants to become dinner for Wolfie!
You can find more information on all things Enchantment at their website >Here<

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin (Head) : Not Found - Lia Skin Toffee (Catwa)
Skin (Body) : [TheSkinnery] Toffee
Head :  CATWA HEAD Catya
Eyes & Face Slash : *Rainbow Sundae* Wolf Eyes & Scratches @ Enchantment
Lips, Eyeshadow & Lashes : ~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA SnowWhite @ Enchantment
Ears : L'Etre - Crystal mesh ears 
Hair : #Foxy - Lovesick. 
Headpiece & Bracelet : *N*SnowWhite & RedRose's accessories @ Enchantment
Outfit : [eVe] - Valerie @ Enchantment
Shoes & Socks : Eudora3D Belle Heels&Socks @ Enchantment

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Take me with you.

Pose :  Infiniti . - Little Kitten - 5

Location : Guilty Pleasures (BDSM RP Sim)

I took my picture today at my friend Juniper's sim. Now at the beginning I wasn't even really looking to take a photo, I was just being a nosy Pickle, but when I wandered around a little, I found there were some absolutely fabulous nooks perfect for photographs.
I realize I haven't shown much in this picture, but that should only encourage you to go and take a look for yourself! Please remember it is a roleplay D/s & BDSM area, and it is ADULT themed. Enter with a respectful mindset and I have no doubt you'll be at home.

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head : CATWA Lona
Eyebrows : Bossie. autumn eyebrows [catwa]
Eyeliner : -SU!- [HUD] Essential Eyeliners (Catwa)
Lipstick : -SU!- Nixu Lip Gloss +CATWA APPLIER+
Hair : tram H1020 hair
Collar : -Narcisse- Delicado Choker @ Vanity Event
Bruises/Tattoo : DAPPA - Magical Bruises. @ Equal10
Top : [Cubic Cherry]x[CX] - {Dooboo} Top @ Romp
Panties : Solange! Black thong

Monday, 12 November 2018


Pose Left (inc umbrella) : *!R.O!* Classic Man BENTO Pose 2
Pose Centre (Inc umbrella): *!R.O!* Classic Man BENTO Pose 1
Pose Right : FOXCITY. Stairs (Sitting)-3 (For Flat Feet)

Background & prop things :::WetCat::&.:LEMON:.//Backdrop Scene #1
Cat Sitting - Mesh (Marketplace >Here< )
random.Matter - Casse Bench 
Di'Cor Pigeons

Not entirely sure what's going on today, maybe there's a full moon or something, but everything hasn't been working how it's supposed to. Including me! 
However, somehow I've pulled through SL not loading, flickr being weird and facebook deciding to throw a spanner in the works too, and now here we are, back at Man-Pickle Monday! Yay! Finally!
I'm joined by Mal again today, and you can find his credits below... oh, and that cute little old lady? That's my alt, Paloma. You may have met her before. I'm incredibly creeped out because she does look a bit like my RL Mum, but older... and having her thrown around in oftentimes suggestive poses while trying to find a nice sit for her to feed the pigeons was a little bizarre!
Anywho, here's the stuff you come for, credits! 

On Mal (Left) : 

Body: [SIGNATURE] Gianni - Mesh Body
Head :  CATWA HEAD Daniel
Ears : L'Etre - Dilator mesh ears 
Hairbase : Stealthic Male Hairbase
Hat : [Deadwool] Bowler hat - black
Suit :  L&B Marc Tuxedo Pinstripe Edition @ TMD
[Deadwool] Ulrich boots

On Man-Pickle (Centre) 

Body: [SIGNATURE] Gianni - Mesh Body
Head :  CATWA HEAD Stanley
Ears : L'Etre - Basic mesh ears 
Hairbase : Stealthic Male Hairbase
Hair : Modulus - Joe Hair @ TMD
Suit : ..::ILLI::.. Black Lounge Suit @ TMD
[Deadwool] Ulrich boots

Paloma (Old lady!)

WSC - Agnes the Old Woman

Sunday, 11 November 2018

No surrender.

Pose : *!R.O!* Archer BENTO Pose (Includes mesh bow, not used)

Bow & Quiver : Ariskea [ Sentinel ] Gacha (from a LONG time ago)

Location : Lost Lagoon

I want to start off this post with an absolutely massive shout-out to Reve Obscura poses. Without seeming to blow smoke up the butts of one of my sponsors (and making it entirely clear that they do indeed allow me the use of their items as a sponsor), they are without doubt one of the best bento pose makers in SL, according to the shapes I enjoy wearing.
Bento poses (and any poses for that matter), tend to need a little tweaking whether that's by adjusting the shape of the avatar, or the use of the god-sent Animare hud (available on marketplace >Here<)
With Reve Obscura, there have been very few times I have had to make adjustments, or use the animare hud, and for that reason they will remain a go-to for me. I have purchased several of the poses before they've been distributed to bloggers - that's how much I love this store!

I got a little disappointed again today, because I received another rejection from a store that I love. 
I make sure I only apply to stores and events I adore, I won't fill out an application for a place I don't genuinely want to support. I have massive, massive issues with the selection process, and I entirely believe that 90% of the time, likes and faves on flickr or social media determine the outcome of your application. I'm not -active- active anywhere on flickr, facebook or any other platform, and that's a choice I make because I do not want to a. cause unnecessary drama about my personal opinions, especially because most of my opinions are stated in this blog quite plainly, and b. it's not in my nature to sit in on this "fave for fave" or "share for share" environment that seems to be essential to 'getting your name out there'.
Don't get me wrong, I entirely applaud every single blogger and photographer purely because I know how much effort goes in to each and every post/photo. I have no issues with hitting like, sharing, or favouriting photo's I genuinely love, but I am NOT going to do it for every single picture in the hope that I get the same treatment back. I don't think that's fair, and it's kind of like giving a child a trophy just for taking part in sports day.
I hear crazy stories about people sitting on flickr for three hours a day.. an hour in the morning to catch up on photo's they've missed over night, an hour at lunch time where they backtrack over any  pictures from the morning, and again before they go to sleep so they can fave the ones they missed since lunch. I'd much rather chill out and pretend to be busy elsewhere than feel that kind of pressure for likes.
I realize that my theories on this can potentially be controversial, but it's something that plagues my mind daily. For that reason, I will continue to meander along, enjoying the talented sponsors I am currently lucky enough to blog for, and keep putting myself out there when a spot comes up at a store I am crazy about, fully aware that I'll likely miss out! 
With all that gotten out of my system, here's the stuff you really want to know! More beautiful items from FGC, the theme of this round is "Wild West, Cowboys and Native Americans, West world & Firefly inspired." You can find more information on the website >Here< 

All of the things : 

Body : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : CATWA Lona
Eyebrows : Bossie. alice eyebrows [catwa]
Hair & Headband : Lamb. Zelda II
Head & Body Tattoos : [Demonic] Nuwuvi Tattoo & [Demonic] Yuma II Tattoo The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress, Headpiece & Rings : ERSCH - Volla Gacha The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Fur hoodie & Leg pieces : [I<3F] Thyra The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Close to you.

Pose : Combination between an AO stand, the flute anim & animare!
Flute : LORIEN HAMMELIN FLUTE @ Enchantment (Comes with bento finger anim & option to turn music on & off!)

Background items : [DDD] Swaying Leafy Bush
JIAN Goats

HUZZAH! It's time for another round of Enchantment!
The event opens today at midday SLT and the theme of this round is "Brothers Grimm", which is practically open season for anything ever mentioned in one of their freaky stories! You can find more information on all things Enchantment at their website >Here< , including designers, maps and shopping guides.

I had to start with this cute little goat outfit. Anyone who follows me on facebook might be aware of the immense level of squeals I achieve whenever a goat is posted on my timeline. I am also a bit of a crazy goat lady, and will definitely share those adorable videos of little goats in onesies, or dressed up for seasonal thangs. I just can't get enough of the adorable furry babies, and want to hug them all up. Needless to say it seemed absolutely appropriate that I become an Enchanted Goat, happily playing my flute and wiggling my goat-y tail to the sound of my (probably rather rubbish but hopefully) pretty tuneage.

I've paired the outfit with a delicious skin from Lumae, and as usual, you can see some of the options available with this gorgeous skin below, all taken in calWL windlight on firestorm.

Showing above,  Lumae Fantasy Nylissa skin, in the version1 eyebrow. Left to right - No brow, white brow, grey brow, black brow.
It's worth mentioning that although I've shown this skin on Catwa Lona, it's also available for Genus, Lelutka, LAQ & GAEG heads.

This is the version2 eyebrow. Left to right - No brow, white brow, grey brow, black brow.
I've used the 'freckled' version of the skin to show off this eyebrow, although both v1 & v2 eyebrows come with the freckled options, so you can mix and match to your own preferences.

All of the things : 

Body : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin : ! Lumae Fantasy : All Heads - Nylissa // Neutral
Head : CATWA Lona
Hair : .Entwined. Jennifer @ Collabor88
Hairband : [tea.s] Blossom Tiara
Outfit (Ears, Tail, Skirt & Shirt) :::c*C*c:::Child goat_Outfit for Maitreya Enchantment
Vines : Eden Outfit *WHITE* by Caverna Obscura  (Note : I'm using a Slink Physique version of this item, and it does clip slightly, as shown above. Please DEMO before you purchase!)
Hooves : Catseye "Ultra Hooves"