Sunday, 17 December 2017

Not even mad.

Pose : Imitation - Ally 6 B
Background : MINIMAL - Illusion II - *7* (Gacha)

I think we've all been in a position where we've heard a story about a person, stored the story in the back of our head having made a snap decision and then got to know the person in question, thus realizing the story was correct, or in fact very very false.
I can be super judgmental, and I'm the first to admit this. However, I will give someone the benefit of the doubt. Second chances are handed out like candycanes for me, depending on the length of time that has passed (I see it as scope for growth), or the severity of the first 'mistake'.
I do get it wrong, sometimes. I am human. There are times I have let the same people make the same fool of me over and over, to the point I know those I care about want to shake me, or I'll go the other way and cut someone off who really doesn't deserve it, purely because it's easier for me to leave them first, or because they're engaging with other people that I consider to be difficult.
Sometimes, the stories you're hearing aren't being told for you to formulate an opinion on, but for the teller to arrange facts in their own head. I know when I 'bitch' or 'vent' I'm doing it not because I actually think that-person-I-don't-know is an idiot, but because I need to make sense of the situation.
Most of the things I say aloud to friends, I will also say out loud to the person my rant pertains to.
Anyway. I guess I'm rambling because I heard a bad thing about a person who I consider to be good.
I questioned them.
Their response enabled me to figure out "my" side of their truth.
Maybe you'll afford someone the same opportunity one day.
Perhaps their truth will be something you can handle, or maybe you'll simply move on alone.

All of the things :

Body & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Scarlet 
Skin : -Glam Affair - Lola Applier - LAQ Head @ Kustom9
Eyes : LOTUS. Brilliant Eyes @ Pocket Gacha 
Bindi & Nose Ring : :: SAGA :: Wonderland Jewel Set @ Kustom9
Hair : #Foxy - Whip Hair (Formerly @ N21)
Tattoo : *Bolson / Willem @ TMD
Sweater & Bra : BUENO-Half Hoodie -Mat-Bye Torn @ Kustom9
Pants :  .:villena:. - Track Pants @ District 20
Sneakers : *Tentacio* Winter Bunny. bunny sneakers (Gacha) @ Kustom9

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