Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Tell me how you feel.

Pose : *CNZ* Kinky Santa 01 (Mirror) @ Ebento
Held Decorations : {moss&mink} Baubleicious! (Gacha) @ Tannenbaum
Christmas Tree : {moss&mink} All that Glitters - Christmas Tree (pastel) RARE (Gacha) @ The Arcade
Chair : {moss&mink} Daydream Chair @ District20
Rug : _CandyDoll_Fancy Rug Rose

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

Appearances can be deceptive.
I've learned that you really can't judge a book by it's cover. As much as I love to see a fully put together avatar, I'm far more open to finding a fully put together heart now. 
For me, outside appearances are now a bonus.
I would rather meet a new player with a pure heart than an old player with a twisted mind and some pretty pixels.
Trusting is no longer easy, for many of us. We have been burned. We have been mislabelled by reactions we've had to situations caused by the malice of others. We're pigeon holed by those labels and fight to free ourselves daily. While I believe we are many things to many people, the only person who ever has a chance of really understanding us, is ourselves. Unless, we open up.
I want nothing more than to continue being brave, opening up to people and allowing them in. Encountering all their pain, and molding it with mine in a bitter sweet reminiscence that brings us close. Not sheltering each other, but leaning against each other and saying "I understand." Because with most situations you have encountered, another would have been there too.
I'm incredibly grateful to the people I have met lately.
You have all taught me to be strong, and have unintentionally assured me that yes, there IS still good. Yes, there ARE still people who believe in the basic morality of humanity and consideration to others and their lives.
Live your way, but do it respectfully.

All of the things :

Body & Feet : -Belleza- Freya 
Head : LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Scarlet 
Skin : Insol: face Vera, ST03 'Peach' 
Ears :  ^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears 
Birthmark : [okkbye] bold birthmarks
Eyes :  -SU!-Delora Eyes Fatpack /ULTRARARE/ (Gacha) 
Headpiece : *LODE* Head Accessory - Hibiscus [white] @ The Chapter Four
Hair : TRUTH HAIR Olympia
Glasses : .tsg. Shy Megane 
Nipple Chain : Messy. Gem Barbells Nipplechain 
Hands : Slink Hands - Dynamic
Nails : Astralia - Compatible mesh nails system
Nail Polish : Hello Dave - Nail Appliers - Astralia - The French One
Fishnets :Bossie. diamond fishnet tights 
Panties : Blueberry - Tinker Panties 
Shoes : #EMPIRE - Sundrop 

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