Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Whenever you're ready.

Pose : FOXCITY  Sits VOL2-5
Backdrop : anxiety %goodnight
Chair : FOXCITY The Mad House Furniture Set 

Yesterday I briefly mentioned that I'm attempting to use the Black Dragon viewer of SL. Today is no exception. Admittedly, there's a bit of photoshop involved in this picture, but overall, I'm not mad at how this has come out! I'm still very new to the lighting options, and with the fiddling with all the things, yet somehow, with the help of the integrated lights in this Anxiety backdrop & a couple of well-placed projectors, I seem to have hit what I was aiming for, with the CandyDoll boots especially.
Now, the boots aren't going to look like this all the time, but the effect is definitely manageable, even on the firestorm/regular SL viewer. Because they are Materials Enabled, when you activate ultra and hit them with a light in exactly the right spot, you can see the sheen and lights. Not only that, but the effect is ever-changing depending on the angle you're looking at them, and the direction of the lights.
I'm not very good at explaining these things, and there are so many people who do it better. There are a good few tutorials on Youtube at the moment from helpful SL'ers, so a quick search will probably garner you far more information on Materials & Lighting effects. Not to mention the website for Black Dragon (and possibly other viewers too). The truth is, I work far better by exploring myself and learning things through doing than being "Taught" which kind of makes me a bit lazy!
My photoshop skills are pretty limited, I can do the basic colour-tweaks, fiddling with overlays stuff, and sometimes I will even faff with sticky-outty-bits & stuff, but for the most part, the pictures I take inworld are transferred to my blog as-is, with only minor differences. I urge you to have a play around with this viewer & the viewer you currently use, because there are literally so many ways to make your pictures come to life.

All of the things : 

Body & Feet: -Belleza- Isis
Head : CATWA Uma
Skin : [theSkinnery] Laura Collabor88
Eyes :  CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eye Appliers :  LOTUS. Charmant Eyes (Gacha) @ Chapter 4 
Freckles1 : Bossie. freckles & star stickers
Birthmark : [okkbye] bold birthmarks
Ears :   ^^Swallow^^  Gauged Ears
Hair : tram G0616 hair 
Necklace : MG - Back Necklace - Esmeralda Gypsy Queen
Dress : _CandyDoll_ Aimin Dress Collabor88
Boots : _CandyDoll_ Aimin Boots Collabor88

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