Monday, 5 February 2018

It's my pride.

Pose : [InDiGO] Male bento pose gift
Background : Trompe Loeil - Margaux Photo Backdrop + Surround FaMESHed

Just a Man-Pickle Quickie today (snickers, that sounds so dirty!).
The Men's Dept opens up today at midday (TMD), and there are SO many options available this month my little heart squee'd! Yes, I know that's not very manly, but underneath this pretty-boy exterior I'm still just regular Lady-Pickle, and I really couldn't help it.
It hit me that i've never actually done a 'proper' close up of Man-Pickle, and I decided that's exactly what he needed. Luckily, this Birth skin provided the perfect base for that. I was incredibly pleasantly surprised by the skin, Birth used to be my go-to for man-skins back before the introduction of mesh heads and bodies, and for a moment I thought maybe they had dropped the ball, or perhaps even left SL (Gasp!). Thankfully, they're still going strong, and have just proved to me that some long-standing stores are still worth exploring, and you shouldn't rule them out for good! The body is actually really nice too. There's some super-sexy sinewy arm muscles, and the torso and back are pretty much shaded perfectly. The only tiny issue I have is that once you get to their darker tones, they seem to loose a certain depth of detail, but I can't imagine how difficult it is to make skins in the first place, so kudos to them for designing a palette suitable for many!
Whatever Modulus is doing with his hair he needs to continue. For reals, this one is SO perfect I nearly fell off my chair. The subtle babyhair at the front is amaze, I love that it blends so easily in with his hairbases and I can't help feeling like this is another store I have left under-rated for a while, but NO MORE! Modulus, step up and collect your Man-Pickle prize! (I don't know what it is, don't really. I'm entirely unprepared!)
As usual, more details below! ♥

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : [SIGNATURE] Gianni - Mesh Body 
Skin & Facial hair : *Birth* 'Miller' Catwa @ TMD 
Head :  CATWA HEAD Stanley 
Eyes :  LOTUS. Cosmic Eyes 18 MYSTERY RARE (Gacha) @ Pocket Gacha
Ears : ^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears
Hairbase :  Modulus - from another hair pack, may or may not be included with purchase of Carl hair, demo first!
Hair : Modulus - Carl Hair @ TMD 
Necklace : [ kunst ] - Christoph necklace @ TMD 
Shirt : {COLD-ASH} Mens MESH COLSON Henley Shirt (Classic Pack) @ TMD 
Ring : [CX] Horny Skull Ring @ TMD 

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