Monday, 19 February 2018

My sins need holy water.

Santi's Pose (Left): Go&See * Gallant * 1
Man-Pickle's Pose (Right):  Go&See * Gallant * 5

More info on the video below!

The poses I've used today are from  Go&See, and well, they're not ACTUALLY poses. They're very slightly animated with bento, which is amazing, because how many of you guy-things are hungry for more AO stands that don't parade you around like a hungry Lion? Yes. Exactly.

I think many guys struggle to find new, quality things to wear in SL. I'm not sure it's because there's a lack of designers, because TMD  alone showcases some amazing talent, but when you are willing to actually spend time on your appearance, it's really kind of easy to find different looks. The problem I have encountered with the guys I have helped make-over, is that there is often an aura of "I can't wear that, I'll look ridiculous" when actually, with the right pairing of accessories, I don't think ANYTHING looks ridiculous in SL. It's about expression!
It's always baffled me that so many people are willing to portray themselves as something different attitude-wise, but ask them to wear something different to what they would in RL and all hell breaks loose.
On that note, InstaDoms, please stick to your shiny belt buckles, long flexi hair and master tags. If you're easy to spot, you're also easy to avoid. ♥

All of the things, Pickle : 

Body, Hands & Feet : [SIGNATURE] Gianni - Mesh Body 
Head :  CATWA HEAD Stanley 
Eyes : LOTUS. Origin Eyes @ Pocket Gacha 
Ears : ^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ears
Hairbase :  Modulus - from another hair pack, may or may not be included with purchase of Stefan hair, demo first!
Hair : Modulus - Stefan Hair @ TMD 
Glasses : MINIMAL - Edward Glasses @ TMD 
Nosebleed : -SU!  Nosebleed
Necklace : ///BENJAMINZ//FROZEN @ TMD 
Tattoo : DAPPA - Akuma Tattoo. @ Man Cave
Pants : .: Tori Torricelli :. Logan Pants @ TMD 
Boots : .: Tori Torricelli :. Logan Boots @ TMD 

For Santi's look check out his blog (soon) ThisGuy'sEye

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