Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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Pose & Board : Bounce This Poses - Carving (Hand poses in Maitreya hud)

So if you're not aware there's a "Rewind" event going on at the moment, and the theme is Y2K.
Initially, I was sorta kinda wary about this for no other reason than sometimes it's really difficult to keep the theme relevant in a blog post, and I really, really like to try and make my pictures tell a story that is relevant. I'm kinda anally retentive like that. *nod  nods*
This Outfit from Miss Chelsea made my heart fill with happy. As always, the quality is outstanding. I absolutely LOVE the capri-style pants, all the pockets, the wrinkly elasticated bottoms, everything screams to me as something that late-teen RL Pickle would wear. Also, the necktie, SO spot on for the Y2K theme, and as soon as I'd paired it with the Beusy hair, and Semller Socks & Shoes, I was screaming "OMG I'M A SKATER GIRL" and it all finally came together.
I was never very good at skate-boarding. My brothers had a couple of those tiny little mini-skateboard things (i'm sure they have a name, but no idea what they are), and I remember falling off it for weeks and finally giving up and watching them do some simple tricks, moping.
This definitely gave me Avril Lavigne vibes, and I know the song is a little later than Y2K, but not so much you'll hate me for it, I hope. Poor Santi has been listening to me sing "Skater Boi" for about three hours now, so I hope it gets stuck in your heads too! :P
All the things below xoxo

All the things : 

Body Hands : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin : Moccino - Catwa Skin Applier - Maria
Head : CATWA Lona
Eyes : CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eye Applier : LOTUS. Origin Eyes @ Pocket Gacha 
Eyeliner : Veechi - White Waterline Liner [Catwa] @ Rewind 
Birthmark : [okkbye] bold birthmarks
Ears :  ^^Swallow^^  Dragon Ears Kustom9
Hair : Beusy: Mija Hairstyle [Bun Version] Kustom9
Outfit : .miss chelsea. Brit Set @ Rewind 
Nails : Astralia - Compatible mesh nails system
Nail Polish : Hello Dave - Nail Appliers - Astralia - The French One
Shoes & Socks : Semller - 011 Gacha White Sneakers

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