Sunday, 4 February 2018

Surface level.

Pose, Coffee & Phone prop : *!R.O!* Routine BENTO Pose 
Location : Orchard Heights (Family Community please dress accordingly!)

I've never been particularly attached to my phone, but I AM exceedingly attached to my PC, so I kind of understand how easy it is to get distracted by something shiny and all of a sudden you've beavered into your best friends neighbours boyfriends fathers business-partners facebook profile, and you're wondering how you got there, slightly bemused with cheerios dripping down your chin.
I've also never really been one to share much on social media. I guess to me that equates to telling people about my life, and honestly, if you're not involved in my life, why do you care? What good is telling my third cousin that I just ate a bowl of porridge and quite fancy a nap now?
I don't do anything particularly exciting, RL or SL, and I guess the closest I get to over-sharing is probably to do with Consent, which'll happen at the moment once or twice a week.
However, I do often wonder what the world is coming to.
I believe we've all become somehow desensitized to 'real life'. We see something violent online, and it can become amusing rather than disturbing. We are no longer rooting for people to make it, but celebrating their losses. We don't interact as humans, but as robots, liking and hearting all of the posts instead of commenting to the person themselves.
Introversion is becoming far more prominent, mental health is in decline.
Is this because of technology & social media, or is this just what the world is morphing into?

The above picture pretty much describes how I see it. We're trapped in a little bubble of our own colourful world, and the outskirts of it are grey and bleak. We might be scared to put down that phone, or step away from the computer for fear of missing out - but the reality is there's probably far more going on in the grey that we're missing, and it's right in front of us.

Maudlin? Not necessarily. I do think a healthy balance of RL & Social Media can be beneficial, and I'm really the last person to be preaching about spending less time attached to that little screen waiting for Veronica to post her latest snapchat photo of her having "Such a good time with the girls in the club"... ultimately, whatever you're doing, however you're using your time online, remember, hiding in the grey, is life. Grab it.

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin : Lara Hurley-Rie Milky 
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE
Eyes : -SU!- Ophelia Eyes Fatpack /ULTRARARE/(Gacha)
Hair & Hat : Beusy: "Delete" Hairstyle [Game Over Gacha / Item] RARE @ The Epiphany
Choker : Eclat - Velvet Choker
Playsuit : _CandyDoll_ Corina Jumper (Mainstore release)
Bag : Intrigue Co. - Fanny Pack
Boots : EQUAL - Drew Boots @ FaMESHed

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