Thursday, 22 March 2018

Hello, LollipopLace.

Can you guess what my inspiration for today's post was?
Usually at this point there would be a list of items in the background and a pose credit, but obviously, there's absolutely no point as this is just my face. I hope you'll continue reading, however, because I have a bunch of information about the Lotus skin & Eyes used in this image shown below!

All of the head things :

Head : CATWA Magy
Skin : LOTUS.10 Rebecca Skin (tone 02) (Catwa) Pocket Gacha
Eyes :  CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eyes :  LOTUS. Rebecca Eyes @ Pocket Gacha
 Gag/Harness :  [Cubic Cherry] Innocence gag @ RLD 
Hair :  Tableau vivant \\ Nouvelle hair  (4 options, pulled forward, pulled back & L&R strands) @ Kustom9

All of the informational things :

For those of you who aren't familiar with Pocket Gacha, it's basically a hud-based game of chance that works exactly like in-world gacha machines. A bunch of creators are involved, you grab a hud and rather than teleporting to a laggy sim where you can't move and nothing rezzes and OMG I'M BEING EJECTED BECAUSE MY SCRIPTS ARE TOO HIGH, you sit in the comfort of your platform/house/that one dance club you like, and click through until you find something that sparks your interest. You then select the option to either pay the hud in Lindens, or specially purchased credits, and play the gacha you desire until you a. get the item you want, or b. give up and cry 5ever. Like all gachas there are a set RARE percentage, and with some creators there's the option to purchase a full set without even playing on the machine and trying your luck! For more information you should check their website at the link up there ^^, because I'm faffing and probably explaining super poorly! :P
Lotus has released this deliciously lovely skin & eye set called Rebecca, especially for the March round of Pocket Gacha. Here are some pictures!

This is the Rebecca skin, in CalWL on Ultra grapics in Firestorm viewer. I haven't used any shadows, and there is no shine on my catwa head, also, zero editing in photoshop other than the cropping effects when I popped the pictures together.
Shown here from left to right are the Tone 3 versions available, LOTUS.7 Rebecca Skin (tone 03), LOTUS.Rebecca Skin (tone 03), LOTUS.9 Rebecca Skin (tone 03).

This is my favourite tone! It's my humble opinion that the Lotus skins have come on leaps and bounds in this edition, the textures are much smoother, and the detailing across the nose and lips are much improved! I'm a real sucker for a cute button nose, and I don't feel at all let down here. I'm also absolutely in love with these cat-liners. They're sharp and realistic down to the matte effect on my eyelid, and I am doing some serious heart hands!
Shown from left to right are the Tone 2 versions, LOTUS.10 Rebecca Skin (tone 02), LOTUS.11 Rebecca Skin (tone 02), LOTUS.12 Rebecca Skin (tone 02)

Here are the rare skin hud tones.
It's worth mentioning that ALL the skins, whether common or rare come with the body applier huds for Maitreya and Slink, so you can guarantee a match for all of your bits at no extra cost. Honestly, each one of these skins are lovely and I'm ecstatic to be able to add them all to my collection!

And now for a musical interlude until next time. I'm sure you'll find this familiar.
"Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me."
Kinda apt this'd be a skin post, really... don't you think?
*Scampers off to put the lotion on her skin before she gets the hose again*

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