Saturday, 17 March 2018


Pose :  <K&S>  Pole Dancer ~ 1 (Non-Bento)


Background & Propstuffs : 

MadPea Club Tenebris  @ RLD 
Shown in picture - MadPea Club Tenebris (Building interior/bar)
MadPea Tenebris Play Wall
MadPea Tenebris Club Neon Sign (kindasorta at the top of the photo)
MadPea Tenebris Cage
MadPea Tenebris Couch
MadPea Tenebris Dancing Pole

{bludshot} - "Deep Intruder" Tray (Dirty) RLD 
{bludshot} - "Restrain Me" Tray (Dirty) 

MadPea Bow Bells Gacha items
Shown in picture - MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Creme De Menthe
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Whiskey Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Brandy Bottle
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Tall Bar Stool 
MadPea Bow Bells Boozer Red Wine Bottle

[NikotiN] Poker Table - Cigar Ashtray

oyasumi / moneycase 

B&W Money Pack, Full Perm

Mutresse - Ribald Butler - Bartender (Gacha)

I think I may have squealed and had an "OMG!" moment when I saw this set from MadPea at this round of Red Light District.
A very bad secret I keep is that I used to have a brothel in SL. I mean, a lot of us have maybe dabbled in the whole sex industry in SL, purely because it's SL and it's kinda naughty, but still safe. But back in the day (We're talking 2008-2013) I would have absolutely killed to have had a set like this. Due to time restrictions I was unable to take a bunch of photographs for this, but let me just tell you if you have plans to open up a club of ANY type, I can really see this build being a centrepiece, the floor is open, there are cute little cubby holes for a more private feel, while still being able to interact with the rest of the room, and there's also a smaller upstairs area perfect for adboards or photo's or a snuggle area. Really, just the building itself couldn't be more perfect.
Add in all the extras - the poles, the lighting, the hanging cages, the seating, etc etc etc, you legit have a fully formed club that just needs a couple of personal touches to really push it over the edge. 

I want to briefly touch on the CandyDoll boots, too. 
Something that always makes my heart happy is when you are able to style items in a way that can be downright filthy, or adorably cute. Those multi-style-able items are a constant when you purchase anything from CandyDoll, and the colour selections are out of this world too. So whether you're a dark, brooding goth chick, a cute pig-tailed babygirl or a mishmash somewhere in the middle, you're bound to adore these boots, and most of the CandyDoll creations, too!

I'm having an absolute blast with these items from Red Light District, and I sincerely hope you are also. If you haven't already, make sure you check out their incredibly detailed website >Here< because it truly is easy to navigate and beautifully laid out.

All of the things :

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : CATWA Magy
Skin : Go&See * Katarina * @ The Skin Fair (South Sim)
Eyes :  LOTUS. Lovely Eyes
Hair : little bones. Lana 
Tattoo : *Bolson / Tattoo - Amadeus TMD 
Bodysuit : [ abrasive ] Sinful Bodysuit @ RLD 
Boots : _CandyDoll_ Alexa Fishnet @ Whore Couture Fair 8

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