Wednesday, 21 March 2018

I'm a dreamer.

Pose & Shoebox : *!R.O!* Imagination BENTO Pose

Background things : 
Refuge - Spark Lamps Gold
Refuge - Cosmo Lighting Gold

Toro "Binge watch with me" fort 

~ASW~ The Wish Tornado @ Twe12ve

Kalopsia - Flying Paper from the Aero Flying Curtain + Paper set

Random.Matter - Book of Sorrows [DecoCrate Nov 2016]

ionic : Jewelled Skull

LAGOM - Daisy sparkles (Shown in gif below) @ Limit8

Mutresse  -Fascinated-Witty Cats  (Gacha)

MadPea  MMBB - Flashlight (Gacha)

+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter - Spilled Soda Drink (Pink)

Apple Fall Buttery Popcorn
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf

“The witching hour, somebody had once whispered to her, was a special moment in the middle of the night when every child and every grown-up was in a deep deep sleep, and all the dark things came out from hiding and had the world all to themselves.”

I'm not really a big fan of kids movies anymore, despite loosely identifying with the "babygirl" tag (that's a story for another day), but I KNEW I had to watch the BFG when I found it on Netflix and was absolutely delighted when Santi said he would watch it with me! As soon as it started I was transported back to being a child, and reading the original book by Roald Dahl, the movie really didn't disappoint me in the slightest. I grew up on Roald Dahl. If you don't know who he is, he's also responsible for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches and my personal favourite - The Twits!

“Dreams is full of mystery and magic . . . . Do not try to understand them.” 

I adored the main "human" character, Sophie (If I remember rightly, that's either his daughter or Grand-daughters name, and she was a model back in the 90's-2000's), and watching her wander around wrapped up in a blanket (kind of like Pickle is in this picture) right at the beginning, inspired me immediately. I only wish I had some Snozzcumbers and I can't wait to do a right ripping Whizpopper!

“A whizzpopper!" cried the BFG, beaming at her. "Us giants is making whizzpoppers all the time! Whizzpopping is a sign of happiness. It is music in our ears! You surely is not telling me that a little whizzpopping if forbidden among human beans?”

Finding the pose from Reve Obscura, and the blanket from Momochuu meant my dreams could finally come true! However, this actually took me nearly two whole days to put together, which is a really long time in Pickle world. I'm not sure why, but for some reason, the way I was thinking wouldn't translate to the picture I was taking.
However, I'm super pleased with the way it turned out and with a couple of added effects in photoshop, I really feel like it has bought to life that child-like wonder we tend to loose a little as we get older.

“Words', he said, 'is oh such a twitch-tickling problem to me all my life. So you must simply try to be patient and stop squibbling. As I am telling you before, I know exactly what words I am wanting to say, but somehow or other they is always getting squiff-squiddled around.” 

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do, and please, check out the fancy Refuge light twinkles in the gif below - they're SO STINKIN' CUTES!

“let your love out” 
― Roald DahlThe BFG


All of the wearing things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : CATWA Magy
Skin : Go&See * Katarina * @ The Skin Fair (South Sim)
Eyes :  CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eyes : -SU!-Delora Eyes Fatpack /ULTRARARE/ (Gacha)
Tears : Dirty Secrets ~ Bento Tears @ RLD 
Hair :  tram F603 hair
Blanket :  :: MOMOCHUU ::  WeiWei - Blanket Set RARE (Gacha)
Panties : VCO ~ Cat panties (Gacha)
Socks : !APHORISM! Knee Socks 

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