Wednesday, 14 March 2018

We run this...

Pose : Cielo (L) : I may have forgotten to note this one. >.>
Pickle (Centre) :  Imitation Kitty 5 (Modified with Animare)
Juniper (R) : [La baguette] Imok 2
Paloma (Far R) : FOXCITY. Lounge-6m

Background & Decor : Utilizator Anime Classroom
ninety - taco chairs from the Taco Place set
Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone (decoration) from the ~BAZAR~Stockholm Bedroom set
BUENO- Decay Lockers (Gacha) 
Kalopsia - Flying Paper from the Aero Flying Curtain + Paper set
RA YA Drunk Boy 2

Doing this kind of a photo has always scared me a little bit. I mean, in theory, it's a lovely idea. In actuality, the process can take a while when you factor in everything that needs to be done from set-up, to different perspectives people have, to editing etc. Luckily, the two girls (Paloma doesn't count, because she's me) I chose to do this with are wonderfully patient and amazing friends... so this was actually a good time and not nearly as stressful as it could have been! 
I can be kind of bossy, and I already had this plan in my head. Not being 100% up on the Battle Royale movie made it a little difficult, but then the Juniper stepped in and schooled (see what I did there?) Cielo and I, luckily, it kinda made sense.
I had visions of the movie "The Craft" in my head, the promo poster where the girls are strutting through the school as if they owned the place. I wanted to embody that confidence. Girl gang ftw!
Paloma is obviously cowering in the background with her rather pathetic frying pan, hoping to avoid too much of the fighting, but Cielo, Juni and I are going for it full force. I just wonder who's going to be the first of us three to die, and will it be by the hand of one of us?
For Cielo's version check her flickr >Here< and for Juniper >Here<

All the things, Pickle : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : CATWA Magy
Skin : ItGirls - Catwa Skin Applier - Brigit 
Eyes :  CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eye Appliers : -SU!-Delora Eyes Fatpack /ULTRARARE/ (Gacha)
Eyebrows : Bossie. sarah eyebrows [catwa] 
Face Scars : Modulus - Get Rekt Set (Old item from Swagbag, not sure if available)
Ears : ^^Swallow^^ Drop Ears
Hair : Hair : [RA] Katia Hair  @ Whore Couture Fair 8
Outfit : DAMI - dami battle rayale gacha A6 @ The Arcade
Boots : .Shi : Caleb Boots TMD 

All of the things, Paloma : 

Body, Hand & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin & Eye Appliers : Insol: Lily skin  Former GIFT 
Piercings : -SU!- Piercing Set 05 
Hat & Hair : #Foxy - Rival Hair 
Outfit : DAMI - dami battle rayale gacha RARE B1 @ The Arcade
Knee-strap :PEACHES. - 14 - Lovely Kneepads (Gacha)
Shoes & Socks : :PEACHES. - Kokoro Peach Platies 


  1. I tried T do a group shot at Christmas with friends. I had it all planned and set up. What I didn't account for was their computers and lag they suffered. It wasnt as easy as I had imagined. You ve done a great job

    1. Thank you so much Judie! It wasn't too bad, I set up the items at my platform which barely gets any lag, and there's always the option of doing the cntrl alt shift & 9 (I THINK!!) that will turn prims off and prevent lag for those not taking the photograph.