Sunday, 29 April 2018

Give me something.

Location : Whole wheat (New LM!)

So this is gonna be a pretty quick post, but I have legitimately got SO MUCH TO SAY about all the things, I fully intend to do a much larger post on a few of the items.
For example! The go&see skin that i'm currently wearing is literally giving me life! Also, Kristyna has added TWO new tones, one paler than her gothic tone, and one darker than the old darkest tone. I will show you, I promise!! The Belleza foot problem is no longer a problem, and in her incredibly detailed hud you can now find three feet options, along with all the breast & bum & *cough* foof options, so she's definitely been super busy - and I hope you agree just from the headshot alone her work is definitely paying off!
The eyes I'm wearing are from Lotus, and i'm in awe of the gorgeous two-tone colours. I cannot heart hands these enough. I feel like eyes are the most under-rated body part in SL, with many people not quite realizing how much they add to the quality of their avatar. Lotus never fails to deliver.
Saga have a bunch of eyelashes available at their mainstore at the moment! I've probably not done these justice, and there are four versions, two black, two white (to tint), and I swear I'll revisit these gorgeous natural lashes and show you in more detail when I'm not doing all the things!
Tableau Vivant have been pretty impressive lately too. I'm not sure why, but with most of their hairs I seem to sway towards white. Especially when pairing it with any go&see skin... I just naturally gravitate towards it. This is slightly more grey toned than my usual white, so I guess that's a little different? :P
Anywho, I'm off to do the Partying with Adam & his Models @ Southern Roots. Who knows, maybe I'll see you there? 

All of the things :

Skin : Go&See * Hela * Pale @ Blush
Shape : Kaleidoscope : Revolution Shape.
Head : CATWA Catya
Eyes : CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eye Applier : LOTUS : Dreamy Eyes Pocket Gacha
Lashes : :: SAGA :: Angy Lashes/CATWA (Mainstore)
Ears : ^^Swallow^^ Dragon Ears 
Hair :  Tableau vivant // Vento hair @ Uber
Tattoo :  DAPPA - Umi Tattoo. @ SaNaRae
Necklace : +Half-Deer+ Forest Charm - Deer Necklace (Gacha)

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