Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Have a nice day.

Hi! It's been a little while!
I can only apologize for not being around more, but sometimes that pesky RL pops it's head up and makes you roll around in pain in bed for a week, lost between sleeping and being awake pressing the "Continue" button on netflix despite the fact that you haven't actually been watching any of it.
Truth is, I'm doing much better now, although i'm still absolutely exhausted and it's taken me twice as long to blog today. 
I also ate for the first time in about a week today too. Who knew how utterly wearisome that nonsense is? Don't get me wrong, I love food, but holy fudge that was a whole effort. and I think my tummy has shrunk to that of an acorn (part of me hopes it stays that size) but i did waste an entire sausage and two slices of bacon, and i'd never waste bacon on purpose! I guess my eyeballs were bigger than my belly!

Coming back to SL today I was hit with how it felt like I'd been gone for about a year. I really was unable to log into anything for longer than a browse during being ill and being the anxious Pickle I am, was quite concerned I'd have missed important deadlines or screwed up. Luckily, I think I'm okay but once again I can only apologize for not being around.
Here's to getting back on track quickly!

A little look at the go&see skin MOMO in pale tone, in calWL without any fancy shmancy stuffs. 
Also, can we squee over the gorgeous Saga jewelry just for a bit? Literally, Saga can do no wrong.

All of the things :

Head : CATWA Magy
Skin : Go&See * Momo * Pale  The Seasons Story You can find more detail about tones in this post >Here<
Eyes :  LOTUS. Tenshi Eyes (catwa) (Gacha) 
Ears : [theSkinnery] Human Ears 
Bindi, Earrings, Septum, Nose piercing, star piercing : :: SAGA :: Verena Jewel Set Silver @ Kustom9
Hair : Tableau Vivant // Alma hair  Kustom9
Necklace :EF: Rhapsody Necklace

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