Thursday, 10 May 2018

Missing me.

Kaleidoscope pic templateMiss Chelsea, TMD, CandyDoll, Tableau Vivant

Pose : *!R.O!* Perceiving BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Wine Glass 

Background & Props : Tableau Vivant \\ Pittsburgh loft @ 6 Republic

[Bad Unicorn] Messy Mondays @ TMD
Includes : [Bad Unicorn] Leaning Lamp 'Messy Mondays'
[Bad Unicorn] Messy Mondays Bed
[Bad Unicorn] Messy Mondays Rug *FATPACK EXLCUSIVE*
[Bad Unicorn] Railed Grail 'Messy Mondays'
[Bad Unicorn] Smokers Stool  'Messy Mondays'

Well this took a minute to work out. Apparently Blogger doesn't want me uploading any pictures, which is a right royal pain in the butt. Luckily for you, I don't give up and finally found a way to embed my picture from flickr - if for any reason you can't see it, or it poofs, please let me know as there are some truly gorgeous things in the above photo!

On  lighter note, I want to say I'm definitely feeling a little better again right now. Hopefully the worst is over and I'll be back to normal again shortly, posting daily and not having to concern myself with uploading my photo's via flickr *waves a fist at the sky*.

I'm absolutely loving this lingerie and nipple piercing set by Miss Chelsea, which is going to be available at ROMP as of May 12th. It's a lil cheeky, but as usual, the level of detail is just astounding, and I got SO many compliments about how it looked, it's most certainly worth a purchase. 
You can find the skybox/loft at 6 Republic by Tableau Vivant. The background isn't part of it, I edited the Trompe Loeil Margaux surround to fit it, but I think it works pretty well! It's actually a fairly large space, with a smaller upstairs area and I'm sure I haven't done it nearly enough justice. The windows just filled my heart with happy, though, and I truly believe it would make a stunning home.
Bad Unicorn are absolutely killing their decor sets lately. I've been making grabby hands at a lot of their items, but for some reason I struggle with fitting it in to posts. I guess there's worse things to practice tho! This set is called "Messy Monday" and you can pick it up at this round of TMD. There's literally a MILLION (ok slight exaggeration) textures for the bed covers!
CandyDoll as usual have pushed the boat out with these gorgeous shoes, which just topped the entire outfit off for me. The padlocks and chains (along with a hanging logo that I hid) are removable via hud. As usual, they come in an array of colour options, and these are available at the Kinky Event's current round.
LMs and more details below!

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya 
Skin (Head) : Not Found - Piper Skin Toffee (CATWA) @ Cosmopolitan
Skin (Body) : [theSkinnery] Belleza Body Applier (toffee)
Head : CATWA Magy
Eye Liner : . MILA . Princess of Darkness Makeup
Birthmark : [okkbye] bold birthmarks
Hair : *Besom~Powder 
Choker : #Foxy - Lace Corset Choker
Nipple Applier : :BP: Belleza Nipnops (Can't find a store location, and I have a funny feeling the store name has changed)
Nipple Piercing & Lingerie : .miss chelsea. Thea Set @ Romp (Opens 12th May, LM soon)
Nails :~GD~J Star's Ringed(Baddie Claws) 
Rings : (Yummy) Free Spirit Rings @ Collabor88
Shoes : _CandyDoll_ Lexi Heels @ Kinky Event

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