Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Speak to me kindly.

Pose : FOXCITY. Insomnia-7

Decor, Props & Background : 

[sau]Grasshopper[lite][oil stain] (Previously @ TMD)

Turlaccor Custombike Helmet Red Devil

taikou / 2AM backdrop

Happy Tuesday peoples!
I didn't quite make Man-Pickle Monday yesterday and I can only apologize, things got a little hectic and I just brain-farted and then decided to concentrate on today's post, because I promised you ALL THE THINGS on the last one!
So here's all the things!

Can I just OHMYSPARKLES at how cute this flippin' Go&See Hela skin is? Literally every tone looks amazing, and I love love love the new TROPIC tone, it's a much 'warmer' tan, and I adore it! so just in case you can't see the little text i tried to apply, from left to right - Albi, Goth, Pale, Summer, Tan, Dark Tan, Tropic. As usual, there's no effects or photoshopping involved in these pictures except for the obvious lines defining the skin differences... and they're taken in Firestorm, on CalWL, on Ultra settings.

I noticed there was an omega face applier in the pack for the Go&See skin, so being the curious Pickle I am, I threw on my Lelutka Chloe head and gave it a shot.
Now, at first, I was a bit "ARGH WHAT HAVE I DONE!?" about it. But now? I think I really like it, and have actually been rocking this skin on the Chloe head for the last day or so. The picture shown here was my initial shape, and I've tinkered about with it a little more, and although this isn't a bad interpretation, I think what I've come up with is actually even better than this. So, from my experimental experiments, i can definitely attest to the Hela skin looking mighty fine on the Lelutka Chloe head too. At some point, I'd like to try it on the LAQ heads I have, but tbh, that might not happen because I can be quite lazy *coughs*.
It's worth remembering that although Omega appliers may be offered in skin packs, every head has different shading points. Something I noticed with the Lelutka Chloe head was that i needed to adjust my nose a bunch and make the nose as wide as possible along the bridge so that the shading made sense. I understand that many people don't like changing their shape, but again, I'll just make it clear that the teeniest little tweak really can make all the difference between "Oh no bb, wat r u doin'?" and "Oooh. Hello Gorgeous!"
I also want to shout out to Lotus here, because I'm a derp... the eyes I'm wearing in this picture come in the Lelutka Chloe hud, but Lotus DOES in fact provide lelutka eye appliers and you can get the same DREAMY eyes shown on my catwa head for your Lelutka head, too!

Stepping away from the Go&See skin for a minute...

Here's an up-close looksie at the beautiful Lashes supplied by Saga currently out at the mainstore.
There are FOUR packs, with TWO different lashes offered in each, and they all come with black and white (to tint, or not to tint!) options. The pack shown here is "Angy" and I'm sure you'll agree they're stunning.
They are only available for Catwa heads, so i'm rocking them on my Catya, and the eyes are of course the lovely "Dreamy" eyes from Lotus.

More things & Landmarks below!

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya 
Skin : Go&See * Hela * Pale @ Blush
Shape : Kaleidoscope : Revolution Shape.
Head : CATWA Catya
Eyes : CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eye Applier : LOTUS : Dreamy Eyes Pocket Gacha
Lashes : :: SAGA :: Angy Lashes/CATWA (Mainstore)
Hair : RAMA SALON - Gina Hair (Gacha) @ The Epiphany
Shirt :  .miss chelsea. Alix Tank @ Uber
Jacket : Jacket :BUENO-Gemma Jacket  @ Uber
Nails & Rings : ~GD~J Star's Ringed(Baddie Claws) - Belleza Bento Hands
Pants :  .miss chelsea.  Alix Sweats @ Uber
Shoes : REIGN. - Abbie Pumps 

All credit to the fabulous Juniface for the music today! Thanks for introducing me to this, Lady! <3 <3

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