Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Pose & Props : *!R.O!* Trick BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Wand & Hat 

I had plans to sit here and type out something about labels, hence the "Vain" and "Fuckboy" crowns on Durex and Pickle's head.
However, after the couple of days I've had I've decided to move on from that, and instead vent a little instead.

Sometimes, I put myself in situations that might not feel good for a while. Not because I like not feeling good, in fact, I hate not feeling good, but because if I don't experience a little discomfort sometimes, I'm concerned I'll allow myself to do nothing but stand on my platform and zone out to youtube or edit photo's for days. For me, often being around people equates to awkwardness, and yes, I can come across either shy or stuck up when I do eventually leave my platform, which again bugs me because I believe I'm actually highly approachable.
However, recently there seems to have been yet another spurt of "Let-me-be-your-friend-so-you-will-do-things-for-me".
I've been in SL for almost 10 years. I know how it works. I have basic knowledge of most things now, and I suppose I'm fairly creative and also understand the basics of making things look pretty, whether that's people or places. I've done a lot. "Owned" clubs, experimented with creating, I can edit basic scripts and sometimes my pictures aren't too shabby either. Basically, when it comes to SL I'm a bit of a mediocre Jack-of-All-Trades.
I suppose this is quite appealing to a certain type of person. Unfortunately for those types of person, I'm starting to notice.
The truth is, if you offer me friendship without expectations and show me you want nothing from me other than conversation and laughs, I will probably yank off my shirt and throw it to you whether you need it or not. I'm quite a generous person (generous, not stupid - anymore) and I like nothing more than to be a help to those I love to be around and who have shown me love in return.
I'd actually respect someone a lot more if they just came to me and offered me a business proposition rather than pretended to be a friend before trying to get me to do something for them. Three times lately I've felt the need to just nope out of a situation because I saw through the BS, so please, please... for the love of all that is pizza, stop being dicks to each other (yes, me), and start respecting people (again, me).

Durex's headthings :

Skin : Go&See * Summer * Theo 
Head :  CATWA HEAD Skrell
Eyes : Go&See * Cho * Catwa Eyes @ The Vintage Fair
Hairbase : Stealthic - Male Hairbase
Hair : Stealthic - Rebellion
Face Tattoo : DAPPA - Numb Face Tattoo. @ Equal10
Crown : ::Static:: Paper McCrown FUCKBOY (Rare) (Gacha)

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin : Go&See * Tina * Cola tone @ Blush
Head :  CATWA HEAD Magy
Eyes : CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eye Applier : LOTUS Rebirth Eyes (Gacha) Pocket Gacha(15th June)
Freckles : Bossie. freckles & beauty marks [catwa] 
Lashes : :: SAGA :: Freja Lashes/CATWA 
Hair : Stealthic- Avela Collabor88
Crown :  ::Static:: Paper McCrown III - Vain (Gacha)
Dress/swimsuit : {moss&mink} Beach Bunny @ The Arcade

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