Tuesday, 26 June 2018

I'm a hater.

Pose : FOXCITY. Sits VOL1-2m

Location : Backdrop City (I forgot to note the background, so sorry!)

I've always believed that when you apply stress to a situation it has two probable outcomes.
1. You apply the pressure slow enough, and with a steady enough hand and it actually improves the results, ending in you learning from your experiment and giving you a positive result.
2. Due to carelessness or impatience, you overload the situation causing a negative response and thus rendering your experiment a failure.

I understand this is probably fairly cryptic, but there's legitimately so much going on right now that this faux situation makes complete sense to me for several issues that i'm currently addressing.
Sometimes, life can feel like you're standing at the bottom of a giant trash mountain holding nothing but a plastic spork, when really what you need is a JCB and the team from "Hoarders".
My only option is to take one day at a time, laugh at the mistakes and the occasional rubbish bag that rolls down the mountain, and keep my chin up, because finally I can see the sunrise behind that mountain of shite.

Also, as a side note; while I consider myself a little bit of a warrior for a better understanding of mental health, and less stigmatizing, I truly believe those of us who suffer from issues need to take responsibility for ourselves sometimes too. I know from experience this is incredibly hard, it takes introspection and a certain amount of self-examination, plus the ability to be completely honest with yourself. However, behaving like a shitty person cannot be blamed on your mental health, because despite your issues, the majority of the time your decisions aren't based on your mental health, but on your personality. If you continually make shitty decisions, and they negatively affect those around you but you choose not to do anything about you, that doesn't just mean you're 'mental' and you cannot keep blaming your 'issues' for them... instead, you need to take responsibility for yourself and understand you are being a terrible person and make the changes necessary to improve that. Only YOU can do that.

Happy Tuesday!

Body & Hands: -Belleza- Freya
Skin : Lefort by Revoul.Nicole 
Head & Make-up : GENUS Project - Genus  Bento head  - Mocap (BETA!)
Eyes : -SU!- Ophelia Eyes /Fatpack (Rare Gacha)
Nose ring : [VEX] Double Crossed Nosering
Earrings :  :: SAGA :: Aura Earring Set @ Kustom9
Hair : *barberyumyum*S06(brown)
Necklace : Kibitz - Dont want ur attention necklace 
Outfit :.miss chelsea. Lumi Bodysuit & .miss chelsea. Lumi Shorts @ N21
Rings : (Yummy) Free Spirit Rings

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