Friday, 20 July 2018

Can't keep up.

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There is so much brain activity going on in my head right now I'm kind of struggling to function.
This is amplified by the fact I've managed to completely screw up my sleep schedule! I'm mad at myself, but I know this is just me taking a step backwards before starting off onto my whole "New Pickle" regime again. 
I've been joking lately that I'm going through an entire mid-life crisis. I feel like maybe I'm a little bit young to actually have a mid-life crisis, but then I remember that I'm only 19 in my head, and maybe it's completely appropriate to feel like a post-pubescent teenager again, 19 years later. (shh. I'm old ok?)
Ideally, I would use this time to buy a brand new car (preferably something fancy - and red. A Porche convertible, because it is Summer here, after all.) and then I remember I can't drive, so that goes out of the window. I'd also like a toy-boy... but only in theory. I've figured out that toy-boys are lovely to look at, but I don't game, don't like anime, and get tired of innuendos fairly quickly, so I reckon I'll just stick with single-dom until the crisis subsides!

I hope your Friday outlook is bright - don't forget to grab your 50L friday goodies! 

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Skin : #Boataom :: Lisa Genus Applier '@ Tres Chic
Head & Eyes: GENUS Project - Genus  Bento head  - Mocap (BETA!)
Eye Applier : Go&See * Babe * Genus Project Eyes @ Chapter 4
Hair : *barberyumyum*P01
Collar :  NamiiChu ~ Runa Bell Collar.@ RLD
Lingerie : AsteroidBox. Ursa Lingerie @ RLD
Nails : (NO) French Tip Mesh Nails
Rings : (Yummy) Curator Rings Set 
Cardigan : [Cynful] Fuzzy Cardigan 
Boots : #EMPIRE  - Bertram @ FaMESHed 

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