Thursday, 5 July 2018

Habits to break.

Pose : In the roundabout!

Location : LaZy DaZe Surf Beach

Once again you'll find me at LazyDaze - purely coincidental, but it's also worth mentioning Adam's Photo Challenge again and if you need more details you can find them on his facebook page >here< or contact him direct in world under the user name (Das1980 Resident).

Adam and I were having a little chat the other day, and while we talked we reminisced about our days at school. It reminded me of a time when I was about 11 or so. I was bought up fairly strictly. I was the first child of three, so I was paving the way for my brothers, and I tested my poor Mum and Dad regularly. On this particular occasion I had been invited to a friends house. My friends Mum was far more liberal than my own, and before dinner we were shoo-ed out of the house and told to go to the park across the road for half an hour to give her some peace and quiet, something I'd never be allowed to do if I was at home. Once we'd got to the park, we were greeted by several people from school - the cool kids.
Now, I've never been a cool kid. I can't even pretend to be remotely cool. I'm too emotional, I laugh too loudly and at my own jokes, even when they're not funny. I've never worn the right clothes or had the right haircut to fit into that particular clique, and for the most part, I was okay with that. However, seeing how accepting they were of me that day, I was eager to impress.
"Let's play a game of tag!" << That was Ross, the cutest boy in my class. And the meanest.
Naturally everyone agreed.
Quickly, rules were put into place. "We're gonna leg it from this wall, to that slide and then back again!" << Ross. Ugh. I hated that I liked him.
But seriously, what the fudge did 'Leg it' mean? I had absolutely no clue! I had never heard this term. My parents were older than most, even then, and no one I had ever been around had used 'Leg it' in a sentence. I wracked my brain for an idea, and finally, just as everyone had lined up, I'd decided I knew exactly what it was.
"Three, two, one, GO!"

Ahh fuck.
So they all start running, and there I am, 11 year old Pickle... HOPPING.
 "Can I go home now?" << Me.


All of the things.

Body, Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Skin : Lefort by Revoul.Nicole 
Head & Make-up: GENUS Project - Genus  Bento head  - Mocap (BETA!)
Eyes : [ Conviction ] Lucid Eyes (gacha)
Earrings : :: SAGA :: Leonore Earring DUO Black/Gold
Choker : Kibitz - Felicia's thick choker - cutie (Gacha)
Hair : TRUTH Gwen (VIP Group Gift)
Jacket : NS::  Girls Like You Jacket @ Blush
Nails : (NO) French Tip Mesh Nails
Jeans : EVANI - Molly Jeans
Sneakers : [VALE KOER] "SAMPLE" TRAINERS (Formerly at TMD, please allow mainstore transfer time!)

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