Saturday, 28 July 2018

Some love tonight.

Pose : FOXCITY. Legs for Days-7

Background : {moss&mink} Deep Desires - Skybox (White) RARE The Epiphany

Today isn't a good day in the world of Pickle.
I'm not entirely sure why, I just feel like I woke up with a case of The Moodies, and they've been impossible to shift.
How do I combat The Moodies? Well, firstly I take pretty pink and girly pictures featuring three of my favourite SL brands, Moss&Mink (The skybox, which you really need to see in world, because I've only shown a teeny tiny portion!), CandyDoll with the dress and boots (can you say adorbs?) and Essences for the lush skin that adorns my bootilicious body.
Secondly, I make changes.
Today this meant cleaning out my SL friends list. I like to keep my list around 100 people - that includes my alts (of which there are plenty, *cough*), my friends alts, and the occasional new person who pops their head in and has potential to become a friend too. 
Just because I remove people from said list, doesn't mean I won't be friendly. I'm picky, and weird, and not for everybody. 
Once again, I'll clear up that I LOVE taking pictures and having this blog. I LOVE the friends I have, and the good people I meet in SL, but it is becoming noticeably obvious to me that the friends I have are scattering (and rightly so) because of RL, and meeting new people without an agenda is either becoming more difficult because of the quality of people in SL, or because my mind has been so skewed by prior interactions, I just automatically place a negative on every new person I meet, and honestly, I'm not sure which is scarier.
Despite my mood, I know that this will pass. I know I'm adjusting.
Tomorrow is another day and I'm hoping that I wake up grinning, and ready to tackle everything with positivity again.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

All of the things : 

Body : -Belleza- Freya
Head : CATWA Magy
Skin : Essences - Blake (Catwa & Omega) @ Kustom9
Eyes : CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Eyes appliers : LOTUS. Ozonic Eyes  (Also available in Lelutka Appliers & Regular Mesh eyes)
Eyebrows : Bossie. sarah eyebrows [catwa] 
Moles & Freckles : Bossie.  freckles & beauty marks [catwa]
Hair : +Spellbound+ Daddy Issues 
Collar : NamiiChu ~ Runa Bell Collar. @ RLD
Dress : _CandyDoll_ Amada Heart Pink Dress (Gacha) The Epiphany
Boots : _CandyDoll_ Amada Boots RARE (Gacha) The Epiphany

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