Thursday, 26 July 2018

You don't know.

Pose : FOXCITY. Play Ball-6 (Fatpack Exclusive)

Location : Baja Cove

Today I'm going to return to the story of the odd Spaniard chasing me along the beach, briefly mentioned in this post >Here<. 
I was 17, and with my Orchestra. I know automatically you're picturing a bunch of music nerds who snort when they laugh and constantly have to hike their glasses up over their noses, but I promise you, we were more a mid-range collection of teens who just happened to play musical instruments. Pinky swear!
So we'd gone on a brief tour of Barcelona, and a group of us quickly found out that the legal drinking age in Spain (at the time, not sure about now), was 16. Along with purchasing some cheap-ass Sangria for the hotel rooms, we'd sneak out after lights out and pop into a bar where we'd chug Cerveza until kick out time and then sneak back, incredibly inebriated via the back entrance of the hotel so as not to get noticed by concierge.
This one particular night we'd drank and laughed until we could barely stand, and took our regular route along the beach back to the hotel. I'm convinced this Spaniard came out of the Sea, because one moment it was just three of us arm in arm singing pop songs (WE WERE TEENS), and the next, this rather large, hairy and very naked Spaniard was chasing us, making over-the top swimming arms and shouting... "You girls, come for swim with me, no?"
For a big dude, he ran fast... and in our drunken state, trying to get anywhere fast on the unfamiliar sand wasn't a pretty sight and he started to actually catch up with us, so one of my friends took off her flip-flops and threw them at him. Which didn't deter him.
Naturally that night was the one night we'd been at the hotel that they'd decided to lock their back doors, so we're being chased by a stranger, unable to get into the hotel and things are starting to look a little bit like a bad TV Horror Movie. I'm convinced we're going to end up in a bath tub with my body parts missing, and honestly, who knows what this naked Spaniard actually wants with us, and why the fudge he's chasing - but none of us wanted to find out!
Luckily, there was one large window open, so we managed to hoist ourselves in (with a little drama, I've never been particularly sporty or agile, despite a bit of a background in dance and of course, our obvious drunken state). We slammed the window shut and lay in a heap underneath the nearest table laughing like Hyenas and praising the fact that we were all safe and sound.
Somehow, we never got found out, either!

Have a look at some pretty eyelashes by Go&See!

Here's a lil selection of the symbol lashes by Go&See available at SaNaRae today! Click the image to get it even bigger, and uh, sorry for the wonk, I need to work out a far better system for editing these all together haha.

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya 
Head : CATWA Catya
Skin : .: fiore :. RAZ Catwa Applier 
Eyes :  CATWA Mesh Eyes 
Hair : !Oleander ~ Lola. @ Uber
Tattoo : DAPPA - Gokudo Tattoo. @ SaNaRae
Swimsuit : BUENO-Swimsuits @ Uber

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