Tuesday, 21 August 2018

A broken mold

Pose (Edited) : FOXCITY. Masked-7m (Fatpack exclusive)

Background & Props : House Of Shade - House Of Zen Backdrop
Culprit for FaMESHed Go (Asian Tea-Set) : 
- Includes - 
Culprit Chabudai
Culprit Zabuton Green Crest
Culprit Zabuton Indigo Crest
Culprit Zabuton Red Mokka Crest
Culprit Chawan Ocean (closed)
Culprit Chawan Dune
Culprit Manju Blue Framboise
Culprit Manju Green Apple
Culprit Chawan Sunrise (closed)
Culprit Manju Pink Mandarin
Culprit Fillagree Teapot
Culprit Silver Tray Peony.

I made a small rant on facebook earlier regarding the useage of flickr for as advertisement for blogs and the information contained inside it.
From my perspective (and this is just a Pickle opinion), Flickr is a showcase of photography. It's not a blog, regardless of whether you're crediting there or not. Is it nice to get favourites on flickr? Yes! Do the amount of favourites on flickr affect the views to the blog? Not in my experience!
I know this is a bone of contention for a lot of bloggers/flickr'rs etc, and don't get me wrong, if you ARE crediting on flickr, fair play to you! But for the majority of us who do still use external blog-sites, such as blogger, wordpress, wix etc, flickr is just a numbers game.
I have over 3k 'followers' on my page for flickr. I often post a picture a day, and at the moment, i'm lucky if I get 100 likes. I use 100 as a bench-mark, because most 'sponsors' look for that level of favourites when you apply to blog for them, therefore, the numbers game is relatively important to your progress as a blogger.
I'm not complaining, I understand the more 'social' you are the better the response to your pictures, but again, from my perspective, flickr isn't about being social! It's about showcasing your pictures and being able to genuinely enjoy others work. Once it gets to a point where I feel like I HAVE to like and comment JUST to get favourites so I can appease sponsors, I kind of zone out, and being the anxious Pickle I am, I already worry I'm not showcasing a product in a way that the creator would approve of... seriously! Some days, blogging really can be 'work'! (Not that I don't enjoy it!!)
This isn't supposed to be negative by any means, I love flickr. I love the talent that I've found there. I enjoy the pictures, I'm grateful for the faves and comments I receive, and I sincerely hope they are genuine, because each fave and comment I give really is! 
I'm very  lucky in that hits to this site have recently improved by around 50% daily. This is incredible! I am overwhelmed and incredibly surprised by the amount of compliments I receive in world about my photo's and the blog itself. 
Thank you to each of you who read or peruse my ramblings. Thank you for the silent support you show me, for the ridiculously loud support you give me (you know who you are!) and for generally just stopping by to check in.
Without you, this page would just be a bunch of Pickle Nonsense (and might still be *coughs*)!

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin : L'Etre Skin Shop - Akemi Skin 
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-MAY @ Mesh Body Addicts
Eyes : LeLutka Eyes.May 3.0
Eye Applier : Lotus. Mushy Eyes @ Gacha Garden
Hair : DOUX - Debevec hairstyle @ Tres Chic
Glasses : random.Matter - Yeol Glasses 
Tattoo : DAPPA - Rage Tattoo.@ Access Event
Vest & Panties : [I<3F] - Emma 
Boots : #EMPIRE - Leadwort @ Collabor88

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