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Pose & Violin : *!R.O!* Violin BENTO Pose 3

Background & Props : [ isuka ] dance studio backdrop
Kalopsia - Aero Flying Curtain + Paper

This is the final pose from the Reve Obscura Violin set.
I know by now you're probably sick of the violin theme, but I really can't help myself, so on that note (haha, pun - get it? NOTE. Music. Musical note???) I'm going to tell you about my grade five exam for the Viola.
I was around 14/15, and my parents had recently stopped taking me to lessons at the music centre, and decided that it would benefit the family if I took my lessons at lunchtime at school. I hated this, because it meant I had to drag my viola around in it's case for the entire day, and as we all know, musical kids are 'geeks'. It was horrible. The case would bash against my legs when I walked, and obviously there would be cat-calls from the 'popular' kids about what an absolute nerd I was.
The only thing that made me slightly happy was knowing that I would see the super cute boy from the year above at the end of my lesson, because he played the Viola too. Unlike me, he wasn't a geek. In fact, his musical prowess seemed to promote him even further up the ranks in popularity.
I adored him, and sometimes, if we played in the school band, he'd sit right next to me, and we'd even have a conversation.
I was almost convinced it was love.
The day of my grading exam, we were having what was known as a "Mufty day". It's where you get to wear whatever you like, rather than going in uniform. Of course, I was going to a musical exam, and so my parents had absolutely insisted that it was only proper that I wore my school uniform, regardless. I was uncomfortable to say the least. Not only was I a music geek, but now I also stood out because I wasn't wearing my weekend clothes. 
Mr Popular was going on vacation later that day, which is important to note for later, so he's looking amazingly attractive in his ironic Hawaiian shirt and shorts, and even though he's a friendly dude, despite our obvious popularity differences he walks down the corridor and points at me "Hey, nice outfit! See you at the exam!"
At around lunch, we jump in the music teachers car and head to the exam location. Me, Mr Popular and the music teachers assistant. Once we get there, we're lead into a big waiting room. Of course, already my heart is pounding, and I've had a pretty crap morning. Mr Popular is going in before me, and then he's running off to go on his family holiday. However, it seems he's forgotten his flipping piano music - but wait! THIS IS MY CHANCE! I come to his rescue, waving the piano music for our exam under his nose. He HUGS me - YES. MR POPULAR HAS TOUCHED ME, and slinks off into the exam room. By this point, I'm a mix of emotion. I'm riddled with fear for the examination, and i'm walking on air, too. My teenage anxiety is now approaching level 9000.
So my turn to be tested has come, but where's Mr Popular? He's got my piano music!
I find out that he's only bloody gone on holiday - taking my accompanying music with him!
Mr Music Teacher runs out of the exam building and flails behind his parents car, trying to catch their attention, but alas, it is too late.... and there I am, an absolute mess of crazy in my disgusting school uniform... and I have to take this exam without my piano.
Turns out it wasn't actually that bad, I went in there sans piano accompaniment, and actually rocked the test, on the way home, in Music Teacher's car, we discussed ways of making Mr Popular die painfully, which really helped! In the end, I passed and he didn't. Karma. Oddly enough, I didn't fancy him after that, either. Oh, how fickle love is when you're a teen!
He actually asked me out two or three years later when he'd left school.
I declined!

All of the things : 

Body : Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body  
Head : CATWA Magy
Skin : Insol: Gemma
Eyelids : L'Etre - Natural mesh eyelids
Ears : ^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears 
Hair : Wasabi // Yara Mesh Hair @ FaMESHed
Tattoo : DAPPA - Bound Tattoo. @ Fetish Fair

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