Thursday, 9 August 2018

Ticket to anywhere.

Pose : FOXCITY. Portrait-3 @ Vanity Event

Location : SSOC - Rieri Town in Tokyo

There are definitely certain days where no matter what I do, I just can't "brain" normally, and my mind blanks and I spend an entire day with a plan in my head, only to be completely distracted by other, less important things that shouldn't even be on my radar, let alone be considered as a potential thought process. Yesterday was one of those days for me.
I can't even tell you why, or how, but literally nothing was adding up or making sense. It took me three times as long to edit my pictures for the blog, and I think I watched about 5 movies on netfix.
Of course, I use the term watched very loosely, because I was so zoned out I can't even remember the names of the movies, let alone the storyline.
Along my journey of being a better me, I've opened up a lot to people who were technically just 'acquaintances', but because of their acceptance of my weirdness and the bizarre place I'm in, they've now become a staple part of my friends circle. One of the theories that I'm currently keen on discussing with them, is that when I was sick - and I was apparently a lot closer to being really sick than I was aware of - I didn't have the energy for my mental health to be in too much turmoil. So although there were little "Crazy Pickle" flare ups, there wasn't anything that made me worry. However, now that I'm starting to get some physical strength back, I really do feel like the crazy is seeping out of me! I have way more energy than I did before, and I'm still kind-of stuck in the same position I always was and that part is going to continue being a slowly slowly deal so I don't overwhelm myself.
So, to those that know me, thank you for sticking around during my mood swings and various rants (the rants aren't new, but the subject matter is!), and thank you for supporting me through this.
To those of you that don't know me, none of the above should even matter from a personal standpoint, but just remember that if someone seems a little 'off' it's probably not about you, just try to be there from a distance, if necessary. Not everything is a personal attack, sometimes, it just needs to be talked out and explained in detail... and when that happens, it shouldn't be considered "drama" but "further understanding a future friend".

All of the things : 

Body : Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body  
Skin : L'Etre Skin Shop - Isabela Skin 
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-MAY @ Mesh Body Addicts
Eyes : LeLutka Eyes.May 3.0
Eye Applier : Lotus. Lovelust Eyes  @ PocketGacha
Eyeshadow : Veechi - Metallic Winged Liner
Ears : L'Etre - Ringed mesh ears 
Hair : DOUX - Vega Hairstyle
Collar : -Narcisse- Roxie Neck Cuff Mesh Body Addicts

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