Monday, 29 October 2018


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Today I was reminded about a thing that happened back when I started SL over 10 years ago.
Back in the day, you were warned consistently about the dangers of the internet. "You might be talking to an axe murderer, a pedophile, a rapist." it was scary to me to log in and speak to people who might be absolutely terrible. I was also in the middle of a big ol' break up, 500 miles away from home with a small child and no way to get back. I didn't like myself very much and because of that, when I joined SL, I gave out pictures of a person that was not me.
Over time, it became harder and harder to tell fibs to people I cared about. because you really don't expect to start feeling real feels for people on a game when you first start using it, do you? You don't understand that these people you meet aren't imaginary, they're real... with real lives that they might share with you, while you're sat there telling a porkie pie to them. You get to know them, and all the while you have this big black cloud hanging over you,  "What if they work out I'm not me?".
I'm incredibly lucky. Of course, when I came clean there were a few people who dragged me, and rightly so - however, they didn't actually know me, and I had always felt a little off around them. 
The people I DID care about (and some that I had no idea even knew who I was), were incredibly supportive, and now I realize that my outer shell is what it is, and I can't change that - but my inner shell... that's the important part, and if I can find people who love me for my insides, those are the friendships and relationships I need to nurture.
To anyone going through something similar, keep your head up and be proud of who you really are. You are not your body. You are a combination of every experience, every feeling you have and every feeling you have allowed others to feel.. you're a beautiful, interesting, original and unique soul. No one is you (even if they claim to be by using your pictures!), and try to remember that everyone is going through something, and while being a catfish isn't right, there are often underlying issues that need addressing and as with most situations, it should be bought up and talked about with mindfulness & kindness.

Here's a slightly better picture of the Birth skin still available at TMD for a little while. Hurry up, before this round closes! 

All of the things : 

Body: [SIGNATURE] Gianni - Mesh Body
Skin : *Birth* 'Benjamin' Catwa @ TMD
Head :  CATWA HEAD Daniel
Eyes : -SU!- Ophelia Eyes Fatpack /ULTRARARE/ (Gacha)
Ears : L'Etre - Basic mesh ears 
Beard : [MF] Daniel Bento Faded Hipster Stache & Beard @ TMD
Hair : Modulus - Nial Hair @ TMD
Tattoo : { Speakeasy } Bloodthirsty Tattoo @ TMD
Jacket : BlankLine Shirts+High-necked  @ TMD
Pants : RIOT / Bronn Chino Jeans @ TMD

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