Wednesday, 31 October 2018


Pose : FOXCITY. Sits VOL1-2 (Alternate hand position)

Background & Props : MINIMAL - Insomnia Dining Room *5* (Gacha) The Arcade

uK - Mystic Dew Mist

Culprit PrrrmBah 2.0 Sphynxie Batty Zombi
Culprit PrrrmBah 2.0 Sphynxie Batty Black
Culprit Broom Sphynxie Batty Yakuza *

#Empire  - Halloween - #12 - Ghost (Gacha) The Arcade
#Empire - Halloween - #17 - Bone Pumpkin Black (Gacha) The Arcade
#Empire - Halloween - #18 - Bone Pumpkin Gold (Gacha)  The Arcade

{moss&mink} Magic & Mystery - Mystery Hanging (Gacha)
{moss&mink} Magic & Mystery - Mystery Orb (Gacha)
{moss&mink} Magic & Mystery - Mystery books (Gacha)

*HEXtraordinary* Nope Floats - Spooky  @ The Arcade
*HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat - Spooky Nope  @ The Arcade

Hi! Happy freakin' Halloween!!
I guess this isn't a particularly spooky post, but I did want to make it slightly creepy.. I don't think there's nearly enough blood and gore, but hey, I'm cute af!

On another note, I did manage to slay the lazy, and I updated a bunch of LMs yesterday on the Locations page of this blog. If you're looking for pretty places to take photographs, or just to explore, there are some lovely sims included (And no doubt a bunch more I've yet to find!).
If I can continue along the lines of not being a lazy Pickle, you  might even find some pictures included at some point, too... although many of the spots are seasonal or subject to change.
I hope you stay safe this Halloween, and don't eat TOO much candy (is there such a thing??)

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head : GENUS Project - Genus  Bento head  - Mocap (BETA!)
Eyes : AMITOMO Eye Collection
Eyeshadow : Veechi - Dazzle Liner (Used Logo version - it's omega based!)
Lipstick : Veechi - Temptation Lip Gloss (Used Logo version - it's omega based!)
Hair & Hat : Wasabi // Willow Mesh Hair
Collar : .miss chelsea. Wynn Collar 1 Epiphany
Dress : .miss chelsea.  Wynn Mini Dress Epiphany
Stockings :.miss chelsea. Wynn Stockings Freya VIP REWARD Epiphany
Shoes :.miss chelsea.  Wynn Boots Freya Black Epiphany

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