Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Move it.

Pose : <K&S> Loveliness pose 3

Background : anxiety %f25 @ Backdrop City

I think I've touched briefly on how difficult it can be as a blogger to 'compete' with the other talent out there at the moment, and sometimes while I'm busy complaining and feeling sorry for myself over another rejection, I forget how extraordinarily lucky I am, and how grateful I should be for the creations my 'sponsors' are generous enough to gift me - and all to allow me to continue taking some photographs of myself.
I'm a bit of a stubborn and proud person. Daily, I try and work on that but old habits die hard. I don't apply to stores just because I want free things. I apply to stores because their creativity inspires mine. The "free" things are nice, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm probably only going to wear them/use them once or twice because being a blogger means that at least every day (usually more, because I have far too much free time!) I change my outfit.
This is massive for me, because for the last three years, blogging has been my hobby and that turned into a passion. I absolutely love taking someone else's creative work (with their permission of course!) and twisting that into a story that - although I may be the only one to see it - makes sense to me and despite not being successful with every new application I make, my aspirations for my blog and photography are bigger than they have ever been, and I will continue to strive for better photography, better commentary and a better Pickle to bring them all together.

Thank you to all my beautiful "sponsors" (I really do hate that term!) for coming along with me on my journey... and thank you to everyone who peeks in occasionally reading my dribble. ♥

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head : LeLutka Bento Head-MAY 
Skin : . MILA . Alice Skin [Honey] LELUTKA 

Eyes : Go&See * Enchanted * Mesh Eyes
Eyeshadow : Veechi - Vixen Shadow
Earrings : :: SAGA :: Vegvisir Earrings @ Kustom9
Hair : *barberyumyum*B01 & *barberyumyum*(+bangs) (C)
Dress : -Narcisse- Mila Laced Mini Dress for Bound Box

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