Friday, 9 November 2018

Something sweet.

Items : {what next} Lucia Summer House (with lights) (50% Off Sale until Nov 11)
{what next}  House Plant - Rubber Tree 
{what next}  House Plant - Eucalyptus 
{what next}  Swiss Cheese Plant
{what next}  House Plant - Agave 
{what next}  Floor Jar Lantern (stars)
{what next} Candle Jar String Lights (stars)
{what next} Wall Hanging Plant

The Loft - This is the Life (Up to 50% Off Sale)

dust bunny . harvest feast . 

{moss&mink} French Dining set @ 6 Republic
includes : {moss&mink} Silk Draped Table
{moss&mink} Suede Dining Chair
{moss&mink} #Blessed
{moss&mink} Red Roses
{moss&mink} French Candle (Cluster)
{moss&mink} French Candle (Single) (Not shown)

Discovering this Moss&Mink set made my heart immediately happy. Automatically I imagined an Autumnal Feast, but without a shadow of a doubt, the colour hud included in your purchase will allow you to make a beautiful arrangement for any season.
It's not been a regular style of mine to emit an avatar from my pictures. I've always felt like the presence of a 'person' enhances the picture and brings a level of emotion you're unable to achieve without. With this set-up I absolutely adored it and popping a Pickle in it made the scene seem slightly less realistic which is probably an indication of my photography skills more than anything!
Here's wishing you a happy Friday!

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