Saturday, 17 November 2018

This time.

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I netflix a LOT. Since it came out, I've been watching a show called "Crazy Ex Girlfriend", which pretty much summarizes how I see myself. The main character is a chick called Rebecca, and for the first two or three seasons of the show, she was just absolutely bonkers and although I've never plotted to kill someones parents or moved across country for a guy I knew when I was 12, I have definitely made some irrational decisions and for that reason, I feel a sort of kinship with her.
The program is utterly ridiculous, and I'm completely aware of how ridiculous it is, which only makes me love it even more! Last season, Rebecca was diagnosed with having a personality disorder similar to mine. All the symptoms and even some fixes were mentioned, and it happened at a time that my self awareness hit it's peak. Now we're following her hit her stride and really take care of her mental health. Today's episode had me in my feels. For the entire duration of the show she's fallen for inappropriate guys who made her even more insane than she already was - not because they're terrible people, but because they were somehow broken too and their broken didn't gel together well. This episode, she almost kissed one of her male friends, but stopped... realizing it wouldn't end positively. I absolutely fucking bawled, not even gonna lie. 
It's difficult to explain, but the growth in her character resonated so strongly with me, that I just wanted to reach out and hug her, and tell her how completely proud of her I was, and I think that's partially because I really do see a lot of myself in her, and deep down I'm proud of me, too.
I know, I know... Pickle, you're a freakin' weirdo!
Still, today is a good day to reflect, and to see how far I've come - even if there's still a long way ahead of me. 
I hope today is positive for you, too.

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I think I've used this song before, but hi. I'm Pickle, and this is my blog - so listen to it again, k? ♥

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