Tuesday, 20 November 2018

You can't forget.

Pose : FOXCITY. Portrait-6m

Taken on my platform with a random-faffed-with windlight, so no other info!

I may have had a slight rant on facebook yesterday because my brain just wouldn't compute as I was constructing the blog. 
If you missed it.. here it is!

"I was gonna post this on my blog, but I just couldn't find the words earlier, but I'm struggling pretty hard today, and not in the regular "Omg my anxiety is ridiculous and I want to sleep 5ever" kinda way (although that too). 
Today I'm struggling to keep my fucking mouth shut. It's never been a thing I've been good at honestly, and I'm more likely to shout from the rooftops about how shitty a situation is than shut my trap and let people see it for themselves, but that has never done me any good, and although I'd love to keep keeping shtum I am TIRED. I am tired of watching these people who constantly take and take and take, and then take credit being shown as people worthy of some kind of SL fame, or infamy. I'm tired of being one of those people who have given more than my due, and have been left by the wayside or being painted as the villain in removing these vile people from my SL and my life in general. I know more than people know I know, and although I may say a lot to a select few, it's never the entire story. For fucks sake, be good to each other. I can't keep making excuses for my silence if you're continually being a fucktard."

See, I think it might have gotten a bit of a reaction, not because anyone actually knows what I was talking about (it wasn't one person, nor was it a collective of peoples. There were multiple reasons for me feeling like I needed to rant and most of them are selfish), but because so many of us humans feel so completely taken advantage of by others. 
Now don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that everyone has toxic traits, myself included. I'm not perfect, I don't claim to be, but I do try extremely hard every day to remain a pleasant person to be around, but situations like the ones I have been forced into recently make that extremely difficult to maintain, as that stubborn angry bitch in me just wants to rear it's ugly head and snap at the stupid.
Continually I have to remind myself that my idea of a terrible person isn't my next door neighbours idea of a terrible person, and everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, when I see the same people pulling the same stunts over and over again, the angry in me bubbles over, and you get a Pickle Rant.

Today's mission is to calm the fuck down. I'm going to attempt (again) to accept the fact I cannot change people to suit MY agenda. Control isn't love, and more than anything I really DO want to shower kindness over people, no matter how successful I am in this. If I fail today, I'll get up and try and be a better version of myself tomorrow... yet, in being what I consider to be a decent person, I will also be taking care of myself and that means putting me first. I'm a very loud, very opinionated introvert, and sometimes people miss the introversion because of the noise I am capable of making, but I need to take care of myself and ensure my energy is good so I'll be collecting my spoons and distributing them far more wisely. 

Essences - Luisa for Genus in tones Pale 01 & Pale 02

Essences - Luisa for Genus in tones Medium 01 and Medium 02

Essences - Luisa for Genus in tones Dark 01 and Dark 02

As usual, the Essences skin comes with 6 eyebrow options (actually i think the "no brow" option might be new, but yay! New!), black, brown, ginger, blonde, red and no brows, not shown here today because I derped out!

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head : GENUS Project
Skin : Essences - Luisa (Genus) @ Kustom9
Eyes : Go&See * Enchanted * Mesh Eyes
Hair : tram H0928 hair 
Earrings : :: SAGA :: Spiked Earrings @ Kustom9
Necklace : #SHOOK - Leo Necklace
Jacket : *COCO*_FurBolero_LightGrey
Bra : From the Vague Candid Bra & Panty Set @ Anybody
Tattoo : DAPPA - Bijou Tattoo. @ Access
Jeans : Blueberry - Melanie 

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