Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Kiss me.

Pose & Mistletoe : *!R.O!* Kiss BENTO Pose

Decor : {moss&mink} All that Glitters - Christmas Tree (pastel) RARE (gacha)
 .miss chelsea.  Joli Sheer Curtain (Gacha) @ The Epiphany
dust bunny . my plaid chair

Kinda sleepy today. Had an appointment at stupid O'clock in the morning so ofc, my anxiety being the beautiful monster it is, decided that there'd be no sleep the night before. When I did finally lie down, the next door neighbours decided it'd be a lovely time to start hammering and sawing directly outside my house, so yanno, thanks for that! I reckon I've had maybe 2 hrs sleep so I might be slightly bonkers!
I spent a long time on this photo, and I've been attempting to take a little longer with the original pictures rather than the editing. I'll never be a super photography expert, but I do enjoy having a bit of a faff with the photoshop things! If you haven't already noticed, I've added a new page to the blog, being resource tutorials that I've found helpful. Mostly it's photography, there's also a few speed edit channels and a channel dedicated to caring for your blog. I'm no genius when it comes to blog layout - I like something simple that I can understand without too much clutter - but starting my blog I used this channel to help with header set up etc.
Anywho, you came for credits, and here they are... because right after that I'm gonna go and attempt to sleep again so I can regain an ounce of normalcy!

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head & Eyeliner : GENUS Project (babyface)
Skin : . MILA . Neave Skin [Honey] GENUS Vanity Event
Eyes :   LOTUS. Sparkle Eyes (mesh)  @ Vanity Event
Hairbase : Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase - set 05 for OMEGA
Hair : Entwined Paige 
Tattoo : DAPPA - Babygirl Tattoo. @ Equal10
Outfit : .miss chelsea. Joli Candy Pasties & .miss chelsea. Joli Candy Thong @ The Epiphany

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