Thursday, 13 December 2018

Piece by piece.

Pose : Foxcity Flowers-1 (Tweaked with Animare, Facial expression thanks to the Axix hud from Lelutka)

Decor/Props : {moss&mink} Whispers - Naughty (Gacha) (Mug in hand)
Kenvie - Raindeer - Black Red Horns
Peaches - A Raven's Feast Hot Chocolate Bar @ FaMESHed (Note - this is part of a Collaboration between Moss&Mink & Peaches, and I've currently only included the Peaches collection. Keep your eyes peeled for the Moss&Mink part in the future!)
Includes : A Raven's Feast  - Chalk Board
A Raven's Feast  - Chocolate Chips
A Raven's Feast  - Cinnamon Sugar
A Raven's Feast  - Cup Stand
A Raven's Feast  - Side Table (Includes variations with draped blankets)
A Raven's Feast  - Straws
A Raven's Feast  - Syrups
A Raven's Feast  - Whipped Cream
A Raven's Feast - Hot Chocolate Dispenser (Includes colour variations)
A Raven's Feast - Marshmellows

I'm a pretty proud person, and sometimes in the past, my pride has definitely gotten in the way of me making progress both in SL & RL.
Today I questioned myself, and whether my pride was a reason I haven't excelled as far as I would have liked in terms of blogging and/or Photography.
My main reason for beginning this journey was to prove to someone else I could do it MY way. I feel like I've done that, but honestly, it's unlikely that they even notice, let alone care, that I am still blogging three years later.
However, along the way I discovered a passion for photography (still in progress!), and when I finally felt like I could maybe write occasionally in my blog, I discovered it to be a fabulous form of therapy and far better to help me find myself than the professionals I've seen (shh, I'm broken!).
There are a few things I get frustrated at when I speak about "SL Bloggers", and those are assumptions made. I've seen a lot of it, and in certain circles these assumptions are most definitely prevalent, read on for my feelings on the nonsense!
a. Bloggers only want free shit.
* In my world, I love free shit. However, I don't want free shit I feel I am undeserving of, or free shit that I don't absolutely adore. It took me three months of (almost) daily blogging to even consider reaching out to creators for sponsorship, because I wanted to be taken seriously and even now, I only apply to stores that I genuinely love. I have been asked to blog for a couple of stores and events too, and that's always ALWAYS incredibly flattering. I'm lucky enough to feel like I'm at a point where I can decide whether that particular store or event has the quality I want to showcase in my 'work'.
b. Bloggers only make friends with creators they want free shit from.
* I have never made friends with someone purely to become a someone in their life to forward my blog, myself, or for any reason other than friendship. Three years into my blog, and I feel like I'm only genuine friends with maybe three creators. I have respect and admiration for the others, and while I won't throw away a future friendship with anyone, I will never approach someone for personal gain. It IS something I witness often though, but it works both ways, and when you're in any type of community it makes sense that you would hang out more with people that are inside that community with you, and that's cool... but I think sometimes it gets forgotten that there are people outside of these groups that still have a pull or an audience just as important as the 'clique'.
c. All bloggers are snobs.
* Let's be honest, I have my moments! I will however be polite and respectful so long as I feel that is being reciprocated. I am only human and I have no doubt I have a reputation of being a bit stand-offish, but that's not a reflection of anyone else but far more because like almost everyone who has been in SL for an extended period of time, I have been bitten more times than I can count. I am far more introverted than I have ever been, and getting me to open up or to be comfortable in anyone's company is a challenge, especially when I feed off energies and again, people have perceptions of who you should be based on what they have heard.
There's probably many more assumptions I haven't addressed, but this was getting a bit long!

Back to my original point of being prideful... I don't think I am -currently- being proud, if constructive criticism was ever offered, I would most definitely be up for a discussion and I much prefer that to mindlessly blowing smoke up my ass!
I would rather progress frustratingly slow, than throw myself at people to be a fake version of myself simply for a broader audience and "better" content. The current sponsors I have are fantastic - and trust me, there's been a couple of nightmares, but mostly I feel like I have been extremely lucky!
I hope that I have found my moral compass in regards to the way I want to behave, be seen, and the presence I want to have in other people's lives.

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head & Eyeliner : GENUS Project (babyface)
Skin : . MILA . Neave Skin [Honey] GENUS Vanity Event
Eyes :   LOTUS. Sparkle Eyes (mesh)  @ Vanity Event
Hairbase : Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase - set 05 for OMEGA
Hair : #Foxy - Ari. 
Choker : Messy. Saint Choker Monster
Tattoo : DAPPA - Babygirl Tattoo. @ Equal10
Shoes : #EMPIRE - Aquamarine (previously at N21)

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