Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Do my own thing.

Pose : [ west end ] Poses - Broken Wings - Friends Pose @ Cosmopolitan

Props & Thangs : ninety -  launderette ( backdrop ) #places 01 + Furniture Link (Can't find a LM, sorry)
~DF~ Laundry Detergent 'Refresh Lavender'
~DF~ Washing Powder 'Clean' (CM) 
~DF~ Powder Scoop (CM)
~DF~ Fabric Softener (CM)
.lame - Tiara Laundry Basket
dust bunny . elephant ear plant
Pewpew! Receipt & Coins (Modified)
.::Dead Dollz::. The Cute One - Black
.::Dead Dollz::. The Party One - Pink 
.::Dead Dollz::. The Sleepy One - Pink
.::Dead Dollz::. The Warm One - Brown

I'm joined today by a super special guest, Cielo Capalini. She owns and creates for the Moss&Mink brand, but more importantly, she's one of my very best friends!
Our meeting was... awkward. Giving both of our personalities, I think that awkward was really the only way it could go... but it turned out for the best. It was a while ago now, blogging was still new to me, and Moss&Mink had only participated in one of the Fantasy Gacha events, but Cielo had made a gorgeous set revolving around faun legs, and I was so excited to blog it when I got it, it really had made me incredibly happy, and when she wandered into the sim I was standing on, said hello and I realized who she was, I'm almost ashamed to say I fan girled all over. It was NOT my finest moment. I am SO glad we met, though, and despite my literally epic squealing fit in her IMs, she saw past that, and we have grown together.
I'm always amazed at how she comes up with ideas, and how she will literally transform something into her practically trademarked style, She seems to be an unending, magical bucket of creativity, every time you reach in to take an idea, that bucket fills up again and she's off running and lightspeed with her beautiful brain exploding colours and meshes all over the place.
The thing I admire most of all about this gorgeous lady, however, is her never-ending willingness to learn. When she starts talking about what she wants to do next, where she wants her brand to be... sometimes it takes my breath away a little and I am honestly in awe.
Anyway, she's my friend and you can't have her (i'm kidding, kinda), and that's that.
Have a beautiful day, Spoonies.

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : CATWA Magy
Skin : Go&See * Laura * @ Gloss
Eyes : LOTUS. Beauty Eyes
Eyeshadow : Veechi - Fuego Liner @ N21
Ears : L'Etre - Crystal mesh ears 
Hair : bonbon - kinsley hair 
Hairband :  bonbon - koala headband from the Aussie Hair Group Gift
Sweater : .miss chelsea. Juni Sweater GROUP GIFT
Pants : Native - Rolled Up Pants @ Uber
Shoes : Native - Woodboat Sneakers 

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