Friday, 25 January 2019

Hard to deal with.

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I went grocery shopping a couple of days ago.
I know. For most of you, that'll consist of a regular day, but for me... well some of you will know that I didn't leave the house for a pretty long period of time and have only recently started dipping my toe back into the outside world... so it has challenges.
I slept the night before, which is a giant leap forward. Recently, I've been worrying about my forays into the real word to the point where I couldn't sleep. This time however, I woke up at a reasonable hour and then realized I had two hours before I left the house. 
Those two hours mainly consisted of me over thinking every possible scenario in my head. and instead of this occurring in an overtired, sleepy Pickle brain, it was now occurring in an incredibly well rested Pickle brain, so therefore the scenarios were slightly more elaborate. I had to get cash out. What if the cash machine were broken? What if I saw someone I know, and had to explain where i've been for the past 400 years? What if I had to ask someone for help, what if I couldn't reach the ketchup, what if they were out of butter, what if what if what if???
Not only was I incredibly well rested, but I also only had two hours to panic, so for two hours, poor Potato sat on Discord with me while I made stupid noises, spoke out loud in half formed sentences because I often talk to him in my head, and made flapping noises by covering my hands with my giant sweater and for whatever reason pretended I was a bird (Not literally, but that was the action). 
Whenever I'm anxious, my leg always twitches too, so I had that going ten to the dozen too.

Anyway.. I managed to go. I left the house, I got my groceries, and I came home and locked the door and haven't actually left the house again yet - but tomorrow, tomorrow I will...

The only reason I write all this is because that's MY battle, and everyone has at least one going on in their lives.
Please, remember to be kind. That crazy lady that needs a little extra help to reach the eggs might just be trying to sort her shit out. That screaming child in aisle four might be autistic and completely out of their comfort zone. All manner of ailments both mental and physical affect people, and sometimes you just can't see them by looking. 
Be kind, always.

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Bag : =Zenith=Unicorn Bag (Super old gacha)
Boots : [BREATHE]-Taniki Heels @ FaMESHed X

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