Friday, 4 January 2019

High like you.

Pose : Bossie. Bella Pose 04

Location : My maybealmostfinished (?) >Homestead< It's not really public, but it's not really private either, so yanno, nose around and shit!

You may or may not have noticed I took a little breather. It was unexpected and yes, only a couple of days so maybe you didn't notice, but I missed -this-!
I found out rather appropriately that January 2nd is considered "World Introvert Day". So I introverted... and again on the 3rd... because I can.
I hope you are well rested from the holidays, maybe a little heavier from all the delicious foods, but hopefully content. 
Thank you all for your readership - I don't think I say that enough, but I'll try to more now that you have your very own nickname (Spoonies. I swear, it's gonna be a thing. Please. PLEAAASE!!)
Anywho. I've been awake for an extraordinarily long time and now I'm going to give you credits and pass out. Much love!

All of the things :

Body : Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body  
Head : GENUS Project (babyface)
Skin : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* GENUS Head "Roxana"
Ears : L'Etre - Pure mesh ears  
Hair : Lamb. Mirror Kisses @ FaMESHed
Waistcoat : BUENO-Mini Vest @ FaMESHed
Nails & Rings : [CX] Essential Dirty Claws ( 2019 NEW YEAR GIFT )

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