Thursday, 10 January 2019

How slow we drown.

Pose : [La Baguette] Couple pose 2 (Umbrella not included)

Umbrella : :::SOLE::: SA - umbrella YAKOU

Background : ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / BUILD2.01 / RARE @ Lootbox

New year, new drama! Right??? RIGHT??
Seriously though, I've been seeing a butt-ton of nonsense on facebook lately, which just seems to be pulling people apart, and I was wondering - is that a direct result of social media?
Without the social media thingies, our opinions would be confined to those people in our lives that actually had some semblance of importance there. Now, your next door neighbours best friends cousin can be on your social media account because you waved at her once and when she sent you a friends request you didn't want to decline in case you offended your neighbour.
This whole social media thing is an absolute minefield. You don't share enough and you have the potential to be forgotten (especially if you're a blogger/creator within the SL world), and if you use it too much you're liable to say something eventually that has the potential to piss off an entire clique, thus spinning your 'reputation' into turmoil and potentially causing you to fall off the SL grid.
I really believe that while opinions aren't -usually- harmful, the way other people respond to said opinions can be. Not everyone needs to know your feelings. Not everyone needs to agree with you, and the truth is that if they do, you're probably surrounded by a bunch of 'yes men' that will likely shit talk you behind your back anyway, so sure, give us your opinions via social media, but don't get butthurt or defensive when your opinion isn't shared by all of your followers, and remember just as you seek respect for your opinion, others will be expecting the same for theirs, regardless of the content differing.
Have a beautiful Thursday, Spoonies!

All of the things, Durex : 

Body: -Belleza- Mesh Body Jake
Head :  CATWA HEAD Skell
Hairbase : Stealthic Male Hairbase
Hair : Stealthic - Rebellion 
Faceband : [Cubic Cherry] {Xerin} faceband @ TMD
Shirt : +AH+ Nightwalker Vest @ TMD
Pants : +AH+  Nightwalker Pants @ TMD
Boots : [NeurolaB Inc.] Runner Boots Electro 

All of the things, Pickle : 

Body : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head & Liner : GENUS Project (babyface)
Skin : Insol: Mary applier for Genus {NEW YEAR GIFT
Lipstick : -SU!- Matte Lip Essentials 
Jaw tattoo : ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / Droid Jaw / BLACK / OMEGA Lootbox
Septum :  DAPPA - Septum X. @ TLC
Visor : Violetility - Visor
Hair : tram H1226 hair 
Tattoo : -7P-CyberPunk Tattoo Appliers 
Bodysuit : ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / Bodysuit / CLEAR / MAITREYA Lootbox
Arm : [omnis] BlackWidow/V2 1.1[Maitreya]
Boots : Eliavah ~ Lightspeed Chasers

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  1. preach, sister! You hit the nail on the head, every point you made about social media and our dependence on it, and all that stuff about reputation, I've been through it all, I am pretty much a pariah from the fashion and blogging community in SL and in general and I came to realise it just doesn't matter one bit because the people in my life that know me, the real me, love me and value me for who I am and they're the only people whose opinions about me really count.