Monday, 18 February 2019


Information that goes here is not here, cus of reasons. -blinks-

So yesterday, my rl daughter turned 16. I officially am OLD. I mean, I'm okay with that, but I'm definitely not okay with the fact that my only baby is now half an adult and legally allowed to do a lot of things I'm not sure I even understand yet... but I'm learning to deal with that! Anyways, that's kinda why you missed a post from me yesterday. We had a delicious meal at a lovely restaurant with the rest of the family, and there were no melt downs (even from my 10 month old niece, yay Harper!), and everyone came home sleepy happy with the fooditis. 

In SL news, Essences has completely redone their skin tones, which means you lucky Spoonies get a look at the entire new range, I know, I know... Pickle, you're always making us read, whyyy? Because I know that you secretly want all of the information, right? Maybe not, but if that's the case just look at the pretties and scroll down for all the details!

These are the new tones from Essences! Starting top left, there's E1, E2, E3, E4 and on the lower row, E5, E6, E7, E8.  I've also chosen to show you all the Lotus eye options too, because that worked so well in the last skin tone thing I did and hey, might as well carry on with being pretend organized, right? (Not like i've been writing this since 10am this morning or anything *cough*)
Anywho, tap the picture to make the picture bigger, or scroll down even moaarrrr to find out where all this stuff is at so you can be adorable, too!

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head & Eyeliner : GENUS Project (babyface)
Skin : Essences Nari @ Kustom9
Eyes : LOTUS. Flow Eyes @ Access
Hair : *barberyumyum*P01
Hairbow : NS::  Bunny Bow @ Fluffy Kawaii

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