Thursday, 7 March 2019

It's okay to be different.

Pose : FOXCITY. Legs for Days

Prop-things : FOXCITY. Prop - Water Bath 
Candles from [The Emporium] 

I've been trying to spend some time with people offline lately, but that's kind of melded into us playing computer games... that aren't SL. This is a little bit of a shock to me, because I am most definitely too old to be any type of girl, let alone a "gamer girl". 

I always find it amusing how things that weren't cool 5-10 years ago, come around as being cool, and the only reason it becomes cool is because people love to be considered edgy or different... just look at the hipsters running around with their curled up mustaches, and the current 'fad' of being a babygirl. (No offence to anyone who identify either of these communities, but you haveta admit there's a sudden influx of both of these things) 

Anywho, I hope your week is beautiful, and continues to do nothing but improve!

Oh hi, did you say lipsticks? Okay! These are the Revoul Chun lipstick options, and I find them all gorgeous. 

All of the things : 

Body, Hands & Feet : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Head : CATWA Catya
Shape : Lefort by Revoul.Chun Catwa Applier / Shape Kustom9
Skin : Lefort by Revoul.Chun Catwa Applier @ Kustom9
Lipstick : Lefort by Revoul.Chun Lipsticks Kustom9
Lashes : Veechi - Lily Lashes @ N21
Robe & Panties : -FABIA- Bathrobe <Zarina>  @ Whore Couture 

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