Tuesday, 19 March 2019

One in a million.

Pose : FOXCITY. Play Ball-6m (Fatpack Exclusive)

Props : *alirium* DownyGrass [Green]
*alirium* PuffyGrass [Green]
Apple Fall Oxeye Daisy Patch

This picture got me thinking about making daisy chains as a child. I'm kinda old (shh.) so it wasn't unusual to find me in my back garden, sitting cross legged threading daisies from the grass through one another to make long flowery jewelry to adorn my head, neck and wrist, and occasionally my ankle.
That lead me to wonder how to correlate daisies to people... and as I was doing my washing up (ew!) it hit me. When I made the chains in my back garden, some of the daisies would droop while others would thrive. After a few days, I'd replace the droopy, limp flowers with fresh new ones, slotting them in to my creation without even thinking about it. Some times, I would make holes in the stems of the flower using my thumb nail and others, the daisy would be tied tight with a knot.
That is how they relate to people. Our relationships are bound by the slightest thread... the stem of our daisy. Some relationships get tied tightly with the strength of a knot, and other times, we open ourselves up to fit the needs of another. At times, our relationships wilt and we replace old friends with newer, fresher friends that fit our growth pattern.
I guess the only thing that is important in this is reminding ourselves what we want our garden to look like. Which flowers we want to pair with ours that bring the fragrance out as a beautiful medley and enhance our beauty by bringing their own special needs in to our soil. It's also important to weed regularly, because heaven knows how easy it is for someone to suck the nutrients from your roots...

Happy Tuesday, Spoonies.

The revoul skin show comes in 5 tones. My favourite being RE20, shown in my main pictures.

All of the things : 

Body Hands & Feet: -Belleza- Freya
Head : GENUS Project (Original)
Skin : Lefort by RevoulChontei CatwaGenusOmega @ The Skin Fair
Eyes : {S0NG} :: Ange Eyes 
Ears : L'Etre - Ringed mesh ears
Hair : Stealthic - Dawn @ Kustom9
Hairpiece : Astralia - Daisy spring wreath 
Shirt & Bag : EVIE - Fanny Spring Equal10
Shorts : evani. - Tessa Kustom9

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