Location, Location, Location!

I love to explore, and I know there's a few of you who do too.
I'm including some Landmarks here, I'm not organizing them, at all - I believe half of the fun is to find out what they offer by yourself/with your friends.
So go forth, explore Secondlife! If you have a location you think should be included, feel free to comment or send me landmarks inworld @ LollipopLace Resident. <3

Warm Springs
Ironwood Hills
Whole Wheat
Maison L'Amitie
The Keys
Chakryn Forest
Among the Wildflowers
It's a new Dawn
Lost Dream
StoryBrooke Gardens
Saint Pete City
Gardens of Grace
The Citadel
Crestwick Island
Lick Sim Designs
Flux Sur Mer
Elven Forest
Dysphoria - Alice in Wonderland
The Northern Winery
Luanes World -Romantic sim
The Mill 
Woodbury Falls  
Baja Norte
Baja Cove
Baja Bay
LHRR Railroad Station
Nox Arcanus
Forty Two Little Goat Niche
Oasis Zoo
oO Rollerballs Oo
Elysium City of Templemore

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